Red Rock Special
Dennis Jones’ ’55 Chevy Cameo

Sometimes Once is Not Enough
But it Gets Even Better, the Second (and Third!) Time Around

Basic Black
Shawn Blandford’s Big-Block C10 is Simply Cool

The Wright Way
Rich Wright’s Righteous Resto

Special Features

A Fluid Situation
A Look at Vital Fluids and Keeping ’em Cool

Real-World Classic Trucking
A Cool Collection of Readers’ Rides


Ride Quality and Handling All in One? Why Yes!
Hotchkis C10 Suspension vs. Stock — Part 1 of 2

Goin’ Green…Er, Well, Orange
Recycle the Hot Rodder’s Way

Getting Framed
C-Notching a ’60 F-100 Frame

Rough Stuff
The Lowdown on Abrasives


Driver’s Seat
Postage Paid
Parts Department
Classic Cruisers
Professor Hammer