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Classic Trucks

Classic Truck Restoration

If you are looking for tips and advice on classic truck restoration, click on one of our technical articles below. We’ll cover everything from fixing taillights and a rear bumper on a 1953 Chevy to truck cleaning tips and steering upgrades. With great tutorials and step-by-step photos you’ll get the inside information you need from the experts at Classic Trucks.
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Ford Twin I-Beam Upgrades
On the other side of the fence Ford trucks held off introducing IFS until 1965 with a unique new twin I-beam configuration with coil springs. The twin I-beam arrangement proved to be so... more
Classic Cruisers - 1955 Chevy Cameo
Fellow left-coaster and Classic Trucks reader Herb Prechtl recently dropped me a line with a few images of his good-lookin' 1955 Chevy Cameo.... more
Professor Hammer’s Metalworking Tips
Ron Covell answers readers' metalworking questions!... more
1963 Ford Unibody - Buckeye Beauty
Dan O'Shea remembers it well; it was red and had Wesley's Auto Repair & Trim lettered across the door. Yep, his uncle Bob's old Unibody sure did make an impression.... more
Seat Cover Installation
It's been a long time since I've had to worry about whether or not what I drive will pull chicks, and then not too long ago I got a refresher course in what it takes.... more
1970 Chevy C10 - Summers & Sons’ Nasty C10
The only thing more fun than sitting in a chair at a car show is sitting in a chair with a gas pedal in front of it.... more
1956 Ford F-100 - Mopar To Ya!
Chevy has pretty much dominated the world of aftermarket motors. The tried-and-true 350 can be found in many an engine compartment, both of the GM persuasion as well as in "enemy territory," and is... more
Finding Used Truck Parts At Junk Yards
Hidden Treasures - Don't Be Afraid To Hunt Down Some Cool Stuff... more
1967 Chevy C10 - Sanitary In Silver
Ron Kistler of Slatington, Pennsylvania, told CT when asked why he decided to build a 1967-72 series C10 that it was a simple matter of "I just had to have one."... more
Parts Department - July 2014
Check out these parts for your classic truck!... more

Classic Trucks Blog

eBay Built Gasser Van
The editors of Hot Rod are in the process now of building this ’68 Chevy Van for the 2012 SEMA Show... more
eBay Built
The editors of Hot Rod, Lowrider, european car, and Four Wheeler are in the process now of building... more
Custom interior
Have you ever wanted a first class, award-winning custom interior for your rod or custom, but... more
ididit's 25th Year Anniversity!
ididit’s 25th Anniversary Car Show & Open House is this October 1st, 2011 It's that time of year... more

Classic Trucks Forum

How rare?
I tried to do a search before bothering anyone! Just wondering how rare this combination is,... more
49 f-100 frame swap
This is my first post after countless reading on this site.I have a 49f-100 that i am rat... more
1967-72 Chevy/GMC used parts for sale
I probably have 90% of the manufactured for the 67-72 sport series trucks, in OE or NOS. I have... more
34-40 chevy bed parts
Can someone help me with the height of the wood bed blocks under the cross sills. I think the cross... more
Classic Trucks