All-Steel Second-Series Chevy Truck Cabs

Premier Street Rod Parts has expanded its Chevrolet truck body offerings to include new all-steel 1955-1959 Chevrolet truck bodies. These high-quality, all-steel cabs are built in the Premier facility in Arizona. The new cabs expand its all-steel cab offerings from '47-1953 Chevrolet First-Series truck bodies to the 1955-1959 Second-Series as well. Premier not only manufactures full cabs and replacement panels, but also has a full line of parts to complete any Chevy truck build. Premier Street Rod is located in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, and they offer plant tours daily. For more info call 866-605-7637 or check out

US Mags Supreme Series Wheels

US Mags' Big Slots are just one design in the company's Supreme Series of custom wheels. The US Mags Supreme Series are 100-percent American made and they're a modern spin on the vintage Rally wheel design made famous by GM. Supreme series wheels offer a custom look with more aggressive sizes and offsets, while staying true to the classic designs of the 1960s and 1970s. Officially licensed GM hubcaps are available for 'em as well. Big Slot centers are billet aluminum machined in US Mags' Southern California manufacturing facility, and they're constructed by welding billet centers into spun, forged, soft-lip aluminum outer hoops. They're available in nearly any custom finish and in diameters from 17 to 26 inches. For more info on Big Slots or the complete line of US Mags custom wheels check out or call 800-493-7891.

Classic Industries Opens Windows into Your Engine

These new transparent valve covers and thermostat housings from Classic Industries let you see inside your cooling and valvetrain systems. Anyone who's ever had to troubleshoot an engine problem can attest the job would be much easier if you could only see into the engine without taking it apart. Classic Industries is making that a reality by adding transparent thermostats and valve covers to its selection of engine products. Transparent engine parts were popular in the 1960s and 1970s, but the plastics of the day had severe limitations. They were prone to cracking and often became yellowed and cloudy, but recent advancements in materials, especially polycarbonates, have virtually eliminated those concerns. These new thermostat assemblies are manufactured from billet aluminum and heavy borosilicate glass (as used in steam boilers) and are designed to accept thermostats and restrictor plates. The valve covers are manufactured from a polycarbonate blend that will not warp, haze, or become yellow over time due to heat, while causing oil to sheet after about 30 seconds, even after running at high rpm's. These are more than novelty items; with a window into the beating heart of the vehicle, it's easy to find and correct minor problems in valvetrain, cooling, and oiling systems before they become major problems. These new transparent valve covers are available for big- and small-block Chevy engines and the thermostat housings for GM and Mopar V-8s. For more information or to purchase online, visit or give Classic Industries a shout at 714-847-6887.

Strong Hand Three-Axis Welders Clamps

These three-axis welders angle clamps are designed to hold a three-axis work piece in position for precise welding. The cast-iron clamps feature quick-acting threaded screws that slide in and out with the push of a button. The unique swing-away arm makes it easy to remove the third axis arm to position or remove the work piece. The Strong Hand Tools Three-Axis Welders' Angle Clamps can also be used to hold parts in position during cool-down to minimize distortion due to contraction. The welders' clamps are available with a 4.80- or 5.32-inch long jaw. Summit Racing also carries a large selection of Strong Hand Tools welding magnets and squares, blocks and clamps, locking pliers, and complete modular fixture kits. For more on Summit Racing Equipment Strong Hand Tools check out or call 800-230-3030.

Holley Ultra HP Two-Barrel Carbs

Holley carbs have powered more racers than all others combined and they're now proud to introduce the all-new Ultra HP Two-Barrel. Holley two-barrel carburetors have been a mainstay in oval track racing for decades, but racers always want more. They want more tuning ability, more durability, more weight savings, and more features. So, as always, Holley listened and designed the all-new Ultra HP Two-Barrel. These carbs deliver the proven results of the Ultra HP four-barrel, but now in a 500-cfm two barrel. They're all aluminum, providing a nearly 50-percent weight savings. They have no choke tower and an all-new air entry area for smoother airflow, yet retain the critical venturii and throttle bore dimensions for rule racing. They have large capacity HP fuel bowls, wedged float, dedicated race-only throttle levers, billet metering blocks and baseplates, plus much more. The new Ultra HP Two-Barrel carbs are available in two finishes – a vibratory polished with black billet (part number 0-4412BK) and a Hard Core Gray hard-coat anodized with black billet (part number 0-4412HB). They are already approved for use in the NASCAR Mid-West/West Coast Late Model Divisions and Holley expects more sanctioning bodies to approve them soon. For your nearest Holley Performance Products dealer call 800-HOLLEY-1 or check out

Dakota Digital VHX Series 5 and 6-Gauge Kits

Dakota Digital is proud to unveil the newest release within the popular VHX Series of Instrumentation: VHX-1050 and VHX-1060! The VHX Series brings years of development and decades of automotive engineering experience to this quickly evolving product line. Offering machined instrument housings with chrome bezels, lighted needles, backlit faces, and a full character message center for all displays, the VHX Series provides a fresh approach to traditional round gauges. Checking in at an industry-standard 33⁄8-inch diameter speedometer and optional tachometer, as well as 21⁄16-inch diameter oil pressure, water temperature, volt meter, and fuel level, the feature list far exceeds the small footprint. The VHX Series incorporates solid state sensors and precision stepper motors for the ultimate accuracy, coupled with a limited lifetime warranty for complete support both now and in the future. The VHX Series utilizes either a stock or aftermarket wiring harness, and either a stock, modified, or late-model drivetrain. Systems available with a red, white, or blue display color and either a satin silver or black alloy style face. More information can be obtained by calling 888-881-0537 or visiting

1957-1960 F-Series Polyurethane Cab Mounts and Leaf Spring Bushings

Keep your classic truck straight and riding its best by replacing worn or soft body mounts and leaf spring bushings. Energy Suspension's Hyper-Flex polyurethane body mount kit is designed with the right amount of firmness, but compliant for everyday driving. Front leaf spring bushings will help frontend handling. It's easy to install and comes with zinc-plated sleeves to complete the job right. For more info on these offerings or Energy's complete line of polyurethane mounts and bushings contact Energy Suspension at 888-961-4861 or check out

Hedman's C10 Headers

Hedman's new mid-length headers for small-block, big-block, and LS-swapped C10s and C20s maximize power and flow without sacrificing ground clearance. Adding to the popularity of these trucks is their ability to accept just about any Chevy V-8, whether it's a classic small-block, a monster big-block, or the modern LS engine. However if your truck is lowered, traditional long-tube headers can have major ground-clearance issues leading to scraped and dented primary tubes. Hedman's mid-length headers are engineered to deliver maximum exhaust flow, while maintaining a lower profile than traditional long tubes. Designed to fit 1967-1987 Chevrolet and GMC 2WD ½-ton and ¾-ton trucks equipped with the factory small-block or big-block engines as well as transplanted LS engines and aftermarket crate engines that utilize factory-style heads. With 1¾-inch mandrel bent primaries and 3-inch collectors, these headers have the capacity to easily complement heavy-breathing naturally aspirated or supercharged engines. For those with stock or more mildly modified small-blocks, the C10 SBC headers are also available with 15⁄8-inch primaries, while the C10 big-block headers are also available with optional 2-inch primaries for ultra-high horsepower applications. Hedman's C10/20 headers also feature an integrated ball-and-socket style flange collector to provide a durable, gasket-free seal. LS-swap headers also feature built-in 02 sensor bungs for a pain-free installation. For more information, call 562-921-0404, email, or visit

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