1. BluePrint Engines Muscle Series Aluminum Cylinder Heads

BluePrint Engines has introduced new additions to its ever-popular high-performance Muscle Series aluminum cylinder heads in bare configurations. Using BluePrint's Muscle Series aluminum heads as the platform, these heads were developed with automotive enthusiasts in mind who are looking for the option to select cylinder head component parts which specifically complement their engine designs. Developed entirely by BluePrint Engines' engineering team, these heads offer flexibility, value, and more importantly, added aggressive performance for small-block Chevy, big-block Chevy and Ford engine builds. BluePrint Engines' Product Manager Dru Freese explains, "When our first cylinder heads were released into the market they were received extremely well, which in turn led to our expanded offering. Always known for our vast crate engine product line, we are large enough to bring competitive pricing and first-rate crate engines to the marketplace – and small enough to give each engine the care and testing that our customers demand. We have taken that very same approach with our new cylinder head offerings. In addition, the entire cylinder head product line is backed with a comprehensive 12-month limited warranty." For more info on Muscle Series cylinder heads or BluePrint's complete line of performance engines and components check out www.blueprintengines.com or call at 800-483-4263.

2. Mallory Max-Fire Distributor

The Mallory Max-Fire distributor combines the simple good looks of an "old school" distributor with the state-of-the-art performance of modern electronic capacitive discharge (CD) ignition. Rather than clutter a clean engine bay with external boxes and modules, Mallory hid all the electronics and advanced features inside the distributor's CNC-machined billet aluminum body. Max-Fire generates multiple sparks for more than 20 degrees at low engine speeds to deliver better throttle response, quicker acceleration, and cleaner-burning spark plugs. Compatible with all types of induction, the distributor is equipped with a 3-Bar MAP sensor, effective up to 30 psi of boost, to perform both vacuum advances and boost retard. The Max-Fire distributor also offers enthusiasts and racers alike the tune-ability of full electronic timing control, with simple adjustments of virtually every ignition parameter. Users can choose from seven preprogrammed ignition advance curves or create their own. Simply adjust boost proportional retard or set a single-stage rev limiter from any Windows-based laptop. For more information on Mallory, its complete line of high-performance distributors, ignition boxes, coils, and fuel pumps, visit www.mallory-ignition.com.

3. Eastwood's New Patina Preserver

The Eastwood Company, our go-to guys for do-it-yourself automotive restoration tools and supplies, has just introduced Patina Preserver: a durable, clear protective coating that preserves a weathered, patina'd look. Patina Preserver creates an invisible UV barrier between weathered paint, worn metal, and natural elements to prevent rust and further deterioration. Patina Preserver is packaged in an aerosol can, which makes application easy. Utilizing Nano Barrier Technology, it takes just two to three light coats to provide up to 12 months of UV and weather protection. One aerosol can covers from 12 to 16 sq-ft. Patina Preserver is great for entire vehicles, as well as wheels, bumpers, interior parts, or any metal surface that needs to be preserved. "This product is virtually invisible, so it doesn't alter the gloss or look of the finish," commented Nick Capinski, Eastwood's content and engagement manager. For more info on Patina Preserver or the complete line of DIY tools and supplies check out www.eastwood.com/CT514 or give 'em a shout at 800-343-9353.

4. Edelbrock Classic Series As-Cast Air Cleaners and Valve Covers

Edelbrock's Classic Series engine dress-up accessories deliver a definitive appeal that brings back a look from the 1950s. Edelbrock first made these aluminum valve covers in the late '50s and they continue to be classics. Made of heavy-gauge sand-cast aluminum, its classic finned valve covers are now available in a natural as-cast finish for enthusiasts looking for a subtle classic look for their engine. Edelbrock Classic Series air cleaners are available in three models: a single-quad 14-inch round, single-quad oval, and a dual-quad oval to give plenty of options for any hot rod or muscle car. The small oval air cleaner provides adequate hood clearance in demanding applications as well as a coordinated appearance with the classic finned look. All of the air cleaners include a pre-oiled and washable cotton gauze element for excellent filtration. They are compatible with all popular 51⁄8-inch diameter carburetors and throttle bodies. For more information visit www.edelbrock.com.

5. Speedway Bolt-In '67-'72 C10 9-Inch Rearend Housings

Speedway's Bolt-In 9-Inch Ford Rearend Housing for 1967-'72 GM pickup trucks is engineered to bolt onto the OEM trailing arms in the original location of your GM pickup. By switching over to the popular 9-inch rearend, GM truck enthusiasts get the benefits of a wider range of gear ratios, easy gear changes due to the drop-out center section, plus the proven performance of this rock-solid rearend platform. The housing is built to provide a 62-inch width (axle face to axle face) with axles installed. Speedway Motors also offers a full selection of 9-inch axles, gears, center sections and brake kits, making it easy to assemble a complete rearend for your truck. Call today toll free at 855-682-9234 or visit www.speedwaymotors.com.

6. New Econo-Series LS Swap Oil Pans

Thanks to its lightweight and highly efficient design, GM's LS engine series has become the go-to replacement for the traditional Chevy small-block or big-block. However, swapping one of these updated powerplants into a classic pickup presents a number of issues with the factory oil pan. Now Hamburger's Performance has made swapping a modern GM LS V-8 into your classic easier and less expensive with its new Econo-Series LS Swap Oil Pan. While the original small- and big-block Chevy engines had their oil sumps located at the rear of the engine, the LS has its located up front – potentially interfering with both the crossmember and steering components. Many LS engine pans also feature a deeper sump than their vintage counterpart, creating ground clearance issues, especially for lowered vehicles. Hamburger's new LS Swap Oil Pan solves both of these issues by relocating the LS engine's sump to the rear of the engine, and designing the pan with a lower profile than the factory piece to ensure adequate ground clearance. Built from two-piece stampings of extra thick .055-inch steel, each Hamburger's Econo-Series LS Swap Oil Pan is jig welded and then block-fit tested to ensure the best possible fit and finish. Relocation of the factory oil filter is required, so Hamburger's has a pair of integrated -10 AN fittings to make hooking up the remote engine oil filter a breeze. Hamburger's #1108 LS engine swap pan uses the factory O-ring seal to ensure an OE-quality seal. Like all Econo-Series Oil Pans, the LS Swap Pan is built with a reinforced mounting flange to withstand the higher stresses created by high-horsepower engines and to provide additional block rigidity. For more information on the Hamburger's Performance Econo-Series LS Swap Oil Pans, please call 562-921-0404 or visit www.hamburgersperformance.com.