'63-'72 C10 Rack-and-Pinion Conversion Kit

If you're tired of driving your '63-'72 C10 truck with its sloppy factory steering system, then upgrade to No Limit Engineering's Rack-and-Pinion Conversion Kit. This bolt-in rack-and-pinion setup replaces the factory steering box/centerlink steering. You'll notice a firm and positive feel that modern rack-and-pinion steering provides, giving you more confidence when driving your favorite truck down the highway or even on the track. Say goodbye to high-speed wandering as No Limit engineers have refined this kit to eliminate bumpsteer, giving you car-like performance at any speed. Included in the kit is everything to convert your truck's worn-out steering into a modern, functional, control system. To learn more, visit www.nolimit.net.

Tailgate Third Brake Lights for '58-'66 GM Pickups

Looking for a cool new brake light option for your '58-'66 Fleetside? Try Mar-K's new replacement tailgate with third brake light. These light-equipped tailgates also include inside release handles and optional stainless link hardware. The inside-the-bed release handles are offset, so the outside has a clean, custom look with the third brake light in the center. These new replacement gates are available smooth or with GM-licensed Chevrolet or GMC scripts. This tailgate is perfect for those who don't want the tailgate chains, which are noisy and sometimes damage the paint finish. You can choose zinc-plated steel or stainless steel for the link assembly that is included with the tailgate. Mar-K includes the other parts you need to convert your current bedsides to work with the new latching mechanism and links. Mar-K Quality Parts carries a wide assortment of restoration and custom parts for GM, Ford, and Dodge pickups. For further information, contact Mar-K Quality Parts at 405-721-7945 or visit www.mar-k.com.

Precision Machined Billet Shifters

There are few things that make you feel more connected to your truck than rowing through the gears of a manual transmission. Ringbrothers have developed beautiful billet aluminum shift levers for Tremec and Hurst shifters that are perfect for the enthusiast who demands quality, style, and functionality. Designed as a direct, bolt-on replacement for Tremec or Hurst two-bolt sticks, the new Ringbrothers Billet Throwback Style Shifters fit Tremec TKO-500, TKO-600, and T-56 transmissions as well as aftermarket Hurst shifters that utilize the standard two-bolt mounting flange. They are available in 8-inch and 10-inch lengths and can be ordered in either a natural or black anodized finish. Ringbrothers shift levers are made in the USA and do not require any modifications for installation. Each shifter includes all required installation hardware and instructions. For more information on the Ringbrothers shifters or other Ringbrothers parts and accessories, visit www.ringbrothers.com.

LMC Truck Announces the Launch of lmctrucklife.com

There's a story behind every classic pickup, and over the years LMC Truck has received thousands of letters and photographs from truck owners all over the country sharing their stories. These stories made such an impression that LMC Truck has launched LMCTruck.com so your stories can be shared with the truck community. It's Your Truck…Your Story. It's a way to share that story with others who have the same passion for trucks. Visit LMCTruck.com to see some of these stories and be sure to share your story! LMC Truck is the largest truck and SUV parts source for Chevrolet, GMC pickups 1947-2013, Ford pickups 1948-2013, and Dodge Ram trucks 1994-2012. An established company supplying automotive parts for over 30 years, LMC Truck is here to help you restore or repair your truck or SUV. For more information or to order a catalog, visit www.LMCTruck.com or call 800-562-8782.

Flex-a-lite Performance, Low-Temp Thermostats

Flex-a-lite now offers 160- and 180-degree Fahrenheit thermostats for hundreds of vehicle applications. A cooling-system thermostat helps bring the engine up to operating temperature quickly and keeps it at a minimum temperature. The factory thermostat in these applications can be rated as high as 195 degrees. Benefits of using a lower-temperature thermostat include better engine performance and cooler air-conditioning. These thermostats are not simply rated to open at lower temperatures. They are manufactured in the U.S. using high-quality components. They feature a unique V-notch valve that reduces cycling time by metering the amount of coolant flow. They also use a high-flow venturi for maximum cooling capacity during high-temperature, high-load operation. They are thicker than most competitor thermostats and are made from stainless steel for added strength and longer life. Visit www.flex-a-lite.com for more information.

Johnny Law Motors Introduces Helix IFS Kits 

Leader of the pack! Helix independent front suspension kits feature all the factory dimensions and mount locations with advance suspension geometry for a smooth installation and ride. Helix is the only USA brand that is independently engineered and tested to achieve ADR certification, ensuring you the strongest and most reliable certified kit on the market. Available for hundreds of applications, they can be custom made to fit any vehicle. There are several brake and suspension options to choose from as well. For more information on Helix products please contact Johnny Law Motors at 971-222-2787 or www.johnnylawmotors.com/catalog/suspension.