I've got to admit, working with fiberglass doesn't top my list of favorite autobody repair chores – especially in an environment that's as hot as it is here in Southern California. I always feel as though I'd been mugged by an irate itching powder salesman by the time my forays into 'glass repairs are barely completed. But, luckily the majority of fiberglass bodies and accessories are top-quality these days and don't require much in the way of major reworking like they did years ago. However, there are still times when they need a bit of extra prep work to make 'em perfect.

Speaking of making things perfect, a recent trip to Uncle Bitchin's shop offered me and my pal Rob Fortier (the only one with a camera at the time) a textbook case in point. Butch "Uncle Bitchin" Lynch just happened to be in the process of massaging a couple of huge 'glass Cameo bedsides. In Butch's opinion anyway, the panel's bodylines were good, but not perfect – and with Butch, things have to be done perfectly or not at all. That said, we hung out to watch and learn how a professional goes about transforming good 'glass to perfect 'glass.