Dakota Digital Releases the ECD-100

The EDC-100 allows the use of a mechanical-cable speedometer to be used in conjunction with a modern drivetrain, which provides only an electronic output. Available with provisions for GM thread-on, GM clip-on, and Ford clip-on style cables, the ECD-100 offers the utmost in adaptability. Supplied cable is 36 inches in length. Quiet operation from the powerful motor allows the user to place the module inside the cab. The case is waterproofed, allowing it to alternatively be mounted under the hood or even inside a fenderwell if desired. Simple calibration with a remotely mounted switch means there are no DIP switches to hassle with; access to EDC module is not required! Industry-standard “measured-mile” calibration as well as speed adjustment while driving, based on a GPS or other known-speedometer reading, keeping setup ultra simple. The ECD-100 uses PID control of the cable speed to provide quick, smooth operation as well as preventing overdriving or damaging the speedometer needle. Consider this the most precise and easiest to use cable-drive unit on the market! More information can be obtained by calling 888-881-0537 or visiting www.dakotadigital.com.

Be Cool 1,000HP Direct-Fit Cooling System Modules

Cooling a monster motor is a challenge, especially with tight engine compartments. Be Cool's advanced Direct-Fit Modules deliver ultimate cooling power for 400hp, 700hp, and 1,000hp-plus applications by combining maximum core surface area and powerful electric fans with direct-fit convenience for most vehicles. Be Cool Direct-Fit Modules include Be Cool's proven performance-grade dual 1-inch-core aluminum radiator, high-torque fans, fan mounting brackets and hardware, vented aluminum recovery tank, billet aluminum Be Cool signature pressure cap, wiring harness with temp control sending unit, and 40-amp relays. All Be Cool radiators feature folded and tapered aluminum tanks, billet filler neck, OE inlets and outlets, internal seven-plate trans cooler (for auto trans applications), and fully welded epoxy-free construction. Every Be Cool radiator is custom-fit for flange, pin, foot, or cradle-mounting, 100-percent pressure tested, and backed by a limited one-year warranty − two years if you use Be Coolant Super Duty Antifreeze. All Be Cool radiators are proudly made in the USA. For more info visit www.becool.com to view the entire line of Be Cool power cooling products, or give 'em a call at 989-895-9699.

CPP's New LS Engine Adapter Bracket Kits

Are you ready to drop an LS engine into your classic pickup? Classic Performance Products, Inc. has brand-new LS Engine Adapter Bracket Kits to make the job easy. Their adapter kits allow the engine to move from ½-inch rearward (great for oil pan to crossmember clearance) up to 2½ inches forward (for low-mounted accessories like an A/C compressor) allowing for a completely custom range of positions. CPP's exclusively designed no-weld brackets are CNC laser-cut steel and feature a durable black powdercoat finish. Kits include Polyplus engine mounts. Kits start at $129. Classic Performance Products, Inc. has been providing top-quality steering, brake and suspension components for classic Chevy and Ford trucks and cars for over two decades. Give 'em a shout at 800-830-1724 and order a catalog or check out www.classicperform.com

Complete Molding Sets for 1967-68 Suburbans

New from Mar-K Quality Parts are complete 11-piece aluminum molding sets that accent the lower bodylines of the 1967-68 GM Suburbans. These moldings are bright anodized aluminum with the black painted accent stripe as original. Molding pieces are also available separately, including the previously unavailable lower third-door molding. These high-quality moldings are made by Mar-K in Oklahoma City, USA. Mar-K maintains stock of many hard-to-find stainless and aluminum moldings for the 1955-59 and 1962-72 GM Pickups. Mar-K also manufactures a wide assortment of restoration and custom bed parts for GM, Ford, and Dodge trucks. For further information, contact 405-721-7945 or visit www.mar-k.com.

Billet HD AMP High-Output Alternators

Flaming River is excited to announce the addition of Billet HD Amp High-Output Alternators to their growing line of high-performance automotive products. These alternators feature new technologies and increased efficiencies over OEM alternators that equate to excellent output at extremely low engine rpm, more horsepower to the wheels, and less energy wasted in the form of heat. Precision balanced low-mass rotors allow these alternators to operate safely at shaft speeds of 20,000-plus rpm. This high-rpm capability, plus excellent output at speeds as low as 400 rpm, give the user a broader operating rpm range and more flexibility in the size of the crankshaft pulley they wish to use. The Flaming River Billet HD Amp Alternators use Twin Rectifier Plates with twice as many diodes as an OEM alternator, which results in 300-percent more surface area to dissipate heat. Lower temperatures in the engine compartment keep internal components cooler so they last longer than other alternators on the market. These alternators are the perfect solution for any truck owner who struggles with premature alternator failure, intermittent electrical accessory problems, or low voltage at any engine rpm. For more information, call 800-648-8022 or visit www.flamingriver.com.