Stainless Tailgate Hinges For Your Dodge

Horkey's Wood and Parts is pleased to announce the availability of these good-looking polished stainless tailgate hinges. These hinges will add another finishing touch to your Dodge pickup. They're designed to replace your not-so-presentable original steel outer hinges. The stainless components are laser cut, TIG-welded, and then polished and buffed to a mirror finish for a lifetime of luster. Matching polished stainless attaching hardware is also available to complete their high-class look. Horkey's Wood and Parts offers a huge selection of parts for restoring and/or customizing your pickup. For more information, visit or call 507-831-5625.

Let Your C10's Big-Block Breathe

Hedman's new mid-length headers for big-block's maximize power and flow without sacrificing ground clearance. Chevrolet C10 and C20 pickup trucks have become increasingly popular among enthusiasts thanks to their plentiful numbers, an abundance of available parts and, in the case of the C10, a stock car-style truck-arm suspension that perfectly complements a lowered stance. Adding to the popularity of these trucks is the availability of classic big-block Chevy power, whether originally equipped or as a transplant. Big-blocks need to breathe, however, and if your truck is lowered, traditional long-tube headers can have major ground-clearance issues leading to scraped and dented primary tubes. Now, with the release of Hedman's new mid-length headers, C10/20 owners can get the most horsepower possible from their big-blocks, without having to worry about costly header or exhaust system damage caused by diminished ground clearance. Hedman's mid-length headers deliver maximum exhaust flow, while maintaining a lower profile than traditional long tubes. With 1¾-inch mandrel bent primaries, these headers have the capacity to complement heavy-breathing naturally aspirated or supercharged big-blocks. They also feature integrated ball-and-socket style flange collectors for a durable, gasket-free seal. They fit 1967-1987 Chevrolet and GMC ½-ton and ¾-ton trucks equipped with the factory 396ci or 454ci V-8 engine as well as aftermarket big-block Chevys that utilize factory-style heads. These headers are built so well that Hedman guarantees them for life and the HTC-coating for five years. For more information, call 562-921-0404 or visit

New 84-Tooth Long-Handle Ratchets From GearWrench

GearWrench, a premier handtool brand from Apex Tool Group, known for tools that deliver speed, strength, and access, announced the availability of their new 84-tooth long-handle ratchets. The handle on the new ratchets is over 25-percent longer than standard ratchets offering increased reach and greater leverage. The 84-tooth gear also offers a 4.3-degree swing arc making it easy to start fasteners, even in the most confined spaces. Like many GearWrench ratchets, the new 84-tooth long-handle ratchets exceed ASME torque performance. These ratchets are available in either full-polish or cushion grip in the following drive sizes: ¼-inch, 3⁄8-inch and ½-inch. GearWrench also offers a two-piece full polish mixed set (SKU# 81268), which includes ¼-inch and 3⁄8-inch drive sizes. In addition to ratchets, GearWrench (a premier handtool brand from Apex Tool Group) also produces ratcheting and non-ratcheting wrenches, sockets, screw/nut drivers, pliers, and specialty tools. GearWrench is, one of the largest handtool manufacturers in the world and millions of GearWrench products have been “professionally tested” throughout the world. Additional information about the complete GearWrench line of handtools is available at

All-Steel 1947-53 Chevy Sheetmetal Kits

Premier Street Rods, well known in the classic pickup world for their awesome completely assembled all-steel 1947-53 Chevy pickup cabs, is pleased to announce that they're now offering complete, front-to-back, sheetmetal kits for these classic Chevrolet trucks. Premier's '47-53 Chevy kits include all the sheetmetal components needed to build a complete, brand-new all-steel pickup on your own chassis. And just like Premier Street Rods' cab-only assemblies, these complete sheetmetal kits (see the accompanying image) are assembled in the USA using 100-percent steel and American welding and craftsmanship. These complete all-steel body and bed kits sell for less than $12,000 and will save you a ton of work, time, headaches, and in the end, some of your hard-earned cash. For more info contact Premier Street Rods at 800-447-5000, or check out

ClassicBraid Wire Wrap From Painless Performance

The final touch for wiring on any classic car or truck! This "cloth-look" wire wrap looks like OEM harness wrappings, but is made of strong, fine-mesh materials. Laterally split for easy installation, ClassicBraid resists abrasion, metal cuts, and retains shape beyond 300 degrees Fahrenheit. ClassicBraid is available in 3⁄16-, 5⁄16-, 3⁄8-, and ½-inch diameter. Check out their catalog online for more information at or give them a call at 800-423-9696.

1960-72 Chevy C10, C20 Truck Billet Aluminum Coil Spring Retainer Kit

When replacing your rear coil springs it's a very good idea to check your coil spring retainers while you're at it. Performance Online's new exclusive Hi-Performance Billet Aluminum Retainers are now available. Not only are they stronger than the originals, they offer a unique high-tech look for the classic truck enthusiast who appreciates attention to details too. Often the old originals are worn out, rusted, or bent. Replacing the old units with new ones assures you that the coil spring will not move around after installed. These new billet aluminum spring retainers are designed to fit all different spring wire diameters available. They're sold in sets of four with attaching hex socket cap screw hardware for a nice professional look. For more info on these retainers as well as the rest of the company's full line of classic pickup parts and accessories contact Performance Online Inc. (POL) at 800-638-1703, or check out

1957-66 Ford Truck Power Brake Assemblies

Finally, a bolt-on power brake kit for 1957-1960 and 1961-1966 Ford trucks. These units come with complete detailed instructions including photos of them being installed. This modern master cylinder and booster setup separates the front brakes from the rear brakes, giving a much safer operation. The power brake units can be purchased alone, as seen here, or you can order everything you may need. Brake lines, line retainers, brake light switches, proportioning valves, residual valves, and all other appropriate fittings are also available. The master cylinder and booster assemblies are available in both plain or chrome-plated versions. The guy's at Bob's F-100 parts have already installed a number of these units with great success and are ready to help you with your project in every way. Call Bob'S F-100 Parts at 951-681-1956 or visit

Trans Dapt Makes Your Rearend Look Good

There is no better way to finish off the look of a well-built classic pickup than by replacing the old, beat-up, or rusted differential cover. Whether you're building your vehicle for show, street, track, or off-road, a new Trans Dapt powdercoated aluminum differential covers with polished accents will give you the unique, eye-catching appearance you are looking for. Helping to set Trans Dapt's differential covers apart from the competition is their satin-black powdercoated finish. Paint can fade, crack, peel, or flake off, especially when subjected to road debris and the heat generated by the differential gears. Powdercoating is stronger, lasts longer, and retains its luster much better over time. They are also easier to maintain than a chromed or polished piece as the powdercoating doesn't require any special polishing or cleaning to maintain its looks. Adding another dimension to the design, the ribs on the cover have been polished to create a unique two-tone look that stands out without being overly showy. Trans Dapt's differential covers are available for many of the most popular axles and vehicle applications including the Dana 25, 27, 30, 44, 60, and 80 as well as Dodge, Ford, and GM cars, trucks, and SUVs. These covers also come complete with a matching gasket and mounting hardware, making installation a breeze. For more information on Trans Dapt's powdercoated differential covers call 562-921-0404, or check out

Classic Industries Releases All-New GM Truck Catalog

Discriminating classic truck enthusiasts and restorers have been relying on Classic Industries and their Chevrolet/GMC Truck catalogs years. Classic has recently updated their catalog with over 600 pages that cover parts and accessories for 1947-2008 Chevrolet and GMC trucks. “We have added dozens of new exploded picture diagrams for body components and sheetmetal parts that provide enthusiasts with a reference for how these components relate to each other on the truck,” said Ray Yager, Classic Industries merchandising director. “And with over 60 years of vehicle coverage, our catalog offers the most comprehensive product selection in the industry.” The new Chevrolet and GMC truck catalog has been extensively reconfigured. The new layout organizes body components by vehicle generation with related parts grouped together conveniently to make finding products a very simple process. Request a free catalog online at or call 855-357-2787 to have 'em send you a catalog by mail. A complete selection of Classic Industries parts and accessories can be found at and their catalogs can also be downloaded directly from the website.

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