Wilwood's New Tandem Chamber Master Cylinder
Wilwood's new tandem chamber master cylinder represents the latest refinements in brake pressure actuation and fluid control. These master cylinders add that extra look and style your ride demands. They're perfect for classic pickups, hot rods, street rods, customs, and more. The slotted flange mounting also makes it a simple bolt on for many OE mounts, including the popular Chrysler, Corvette, GM, and Ford Mustang bolt patterns. Bore sizes include 7⁄8, 1, or 11⁄8 inches, making it compatible with manual or power brake system applications. This new master cylinder comes in standard aluminum finish, or you can choose an optional bright burnished finish to complete that show-truck look. A black anodized, machined billet lid captures a pressure-balanced bellows gasket with 100-percent sealing against moisture invasion or fluid leakage.

For more information, contact Wilwood Engineering at 805-388-1188 or check out www.wilwood.com

Schott's Mach V
The newest design from Schott Performance Wheels is the Mach V. These good-looking new wheels are manufactured in the USA from aircraft-grade forged alloy. Each wheel is custom built to exacting dimensions for a perfect fit without compromise. The Mach V is a high-class addition to any classic pickup, hot rod, street rod, or muscle car. They can be custom finished in numerous ways and colors, and is shown here with an optional ceramic matte black with polished contrasting surfaces.

For more information on the Mach V as well as the complete line of Schott Wheels, visit www.schottwheels.com, or give 'em a call at 562-598-4411.

Performance Automatic's Smart Shift Push-Button Shifter
The Smart Shift Push-Button Shifter is an electronically controlled shifter that offers precise, split-second shifting capability with the push of a button. Its slim touch-pad control module and compact sealed actuator give you virtually unlimited mounting options for tight spaces or grueling environments. The Smart Shift Push-Button Shifter replaces the shift lever for nearly any Ford or GM rear-wheel-drive automatic transmission. The Smart Shift Push-Button Shifter has been designed and is well suited for a variety of street rods, muscle cars, customs, and Pro Touring machines. The Smart Shift Push-Button Shifter control module can be surface or flush-mounted and is small enough to fit in consoles, dashes, door panels, or even armrests. Each button is recessed to avoid inadvertent touches and brightly backlit for darker environments. An easy-to-read display shows you what gear you're in. Standard control modules utilize a PRND configuration along with + and - buttons for a tap up/tap down feature. The Smart Shift Push-Button Shifter compact actuator box can be mounted next to or near the transmission and connects to the transmission using a flexible shift cable. Wiring is simple, requiring only power, ground, a brake input, and vehicle speed to operate safely and precisely.

For more information, please call 240-439-4650 or visit www.performanceautomatic.com.

Big-Block Chrysler Billet Electric Water Pumps
PROFORM Parts has released their all-new high-performance billet aluminum electric water pump for the Chrysler big-block (part number 66219). This super-efficient pump increases usable engine power by eliminating the much heavier cast mechanical pump, along with the parasitic drag of a pulley and belt at high rpm. It features a heavy-duty 12-volt motor and the billet mounting plate adds extra strength. It's the perfect big-block cooling solution for street or strip! The pump housing and mounting plates are both machined from strong billet aluminum, and the durable PROFORM motor and aggressive impeller blades will efficiently circulate over 35 gallons per minute. Every PROFORM Chrysler big-block Electric Water Pump kit includes gaskets and hardware. This is increased horsepower and affordable performance at its best for Mopar B, RB, and Hemi applications. For more information on all their Mopar parts and accessories, contact PROFORM/Specialty Auto Parts, Inc., at 586-774-2500, or visit www.proformparts.com

Stop Slamming Your Doors With the Altman Easy Latch
The Altman Easy Latch Kits are the first and only vehicle specific bolt-on rotary claw latch kits for early model cars and trucks. These kits work with your factory exterior handles, interior handles, and exterior door locks. Easy Latch kits were designed to be installed with no welding necessary. This means you can even install these latches in a completed/painted truck or car. Each kit comes with vehicle-specific bear claw latches, contour fitting jam plates, striker plates that bolt in the stock location, and stainless steel striker bolts. Altman Easy Latch kits come with detailed instructions, all necessary templates, and all the required hardware to have your doors opening and closing smoothly and safely. Each kit is designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA. Altman Easy Latch kits are available for a wide range of trucks and cars.

For more information, give 'em a call at 866-987-4783 or check out on www.triquemfg.com.

Ready-to-Use High-Performance Coolant
For over 26 years, AFCO Racing Products has manufactured premium cooling products for classic trucks, street rods, and muscle cars. Now they've developed their own proprietary high-performance coolant to withstand the high-horsepower demands of today's cooling systems. As a result, they're proud to introduce new AFCO High Performance Coolant. AFCO High Performance Coolant is a “ready-to-use” 50/50 blend of ethylene glycol coolant and deionized water. Just pour it in and go. The patented low silicate formula has better thermal conductivity and heat transfer than propylene glycol (PG) coolants. This product will extend the life of your classic pickup's engine and cooling system by reducing corrosion of aluminum and steel components.

For more info on this cool new coolant, contact Speedway Motors at 800-979-0122 or check out all the awesome parts, supplies, and accessories available including lots of AFCO products at www.speedwaymotors.com.

Coker Tire Offers Whitewalls in Modern-Sized Radials
Throughout automotive history, the whitewall tire has been one of the most popular choices on everything from luxurious Cadillacs to classic trucks. As time went by, the whitewalls got narrower, offering clean looks with the same undeniable style. These days, whitewalls are still available from Coker Tire Company, with varying styles, ranging from wide whitewalls of the '50s to this new line of tires from American Classic. The difference in the new line of American Classic tires is the variety of sizes available, making them an option for any truck or car enthusiast. The new tires are steel-belted radials, so it's a step up from the bias-ply tires of yesteryear, but they display the classic styling of a thin whitewall. Thoroughly developed and made in the USA, the new American Classic tires feature an all-weather tread design for optimum performance on wet or dry surfaces and they are S-rated, which is good for 112 mph. Available in over 30 sizes and configurations, ranging from 14- to 17-inch wheel diameters, these tires are great for classic pickups to modern muscle cars. The crew at Coker Tire Company works hard to keep up with the demand of consumers all around the world, and these American Classic whitewalls are yet another product in Coker Tire's immense lineup. If you'd like more information on this line of tires, feel free to drop by Coker Tire Company's headquarters, which is located at 1317 Chestnut Street in historic downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Coker Tire can be reached at 800-251-6336, or you can visit www.cokertire.com to place an order, request a catalog, or simply browse around to see all the products in Coker Tire's lineup.

Heidt's Superide II IFS For '57-64 Ford Trucks
Heidt's Automotive Group announced the availability of their industry-leading Superide II IFS front suspension system for 1957 to '64 Ford pickup trucks. This new product essentially extends Heidt's Superide II design to cover an even wider range of vehicles, with applications for Ford trucks now spanning 1948 to 1964 model years. Heidt's also has a Superide II IFS application for 1953 to 1959 Chevrolet trucks. “Hot rod trucks have always been an important part of the Heidt's product offerings,” said Mike Hawley, Heidt's sales manager. “This new application for the Superide II IFS now covers the early wider-cab model Ford pickups that are so popular with our dealers, builders, and customers.” Using their famous Mustang II-style drop spindle, the innovative Heidt's Superide II design uses a front steer mounted rack-and-pinion unit and employs a steering geometry very similar to the Mustang II, which has been proven to work very well on classic trucks.

For more information on this or other Heidt's products, call 800-841-8188 or visit www.heidts.com.

American Powertrain's HydraMax GMX Hydraulic Slave Bearing
American Powertrain's new GM spec HydraMax GMX hydraulic clutch release bearing offers a no-hassle hydraulic clutch solution for GM products. The HydraMax GMX release bearing fits Muncie, T10, Richmond, GM TKO, Jericho, and Saginaw gearboxes and replaces the mechanical throwout bearing for a smooth, modern clutch feel and maximum header clearance. A billet guide tube is available for use with LS, Viper, and Magnum T-56 six-speed models too. CNC machined from extruded aluminum and hard anodized, the GMX uses a durable flat-faced angular contact release bearing and unique extra wide nitrile seals designed for long-term street and strip use. The GMX can be stored for months without seal degradation, delivering years of in-service time with no painful leaks and ship pre-filled and pre-bled, minimizing bleed time. A low profile ensures good pressure plate clearance and installation is drop-on with no mods to the gearbox. GMX bearings are compatible with standard or larger-bore master cylinders and use common -3AN line fittings. GMX hydraulic release bearings can be purchased alone or with American Powertrain's complete HydraMax hydraulic conversion systems. Each GMX bearing comes with a steel guide pin, spacer kit, integrated braided steel bleed line, and complete instructions. Bearing kits start at $269 and are covered by American Powertrain's comprehensive warranty and exclusive Customer First 24-hour tech support.

For more info visit them at www.americanpowertrain.com or call 931-646-4836.