01. Rocket Booster 6
From the dragstrip to Main Street, the five-spoke wheel is a legendary classic. The drab, six-spoke design for trucks and SUVs lacked character, allure, and classic styling...until now. Rocket Racing Wheels changes the game by unveiling the first six-lug, five-spoke, classic-style truck wheel. The all-new Rocket Booster 6 mimics the sleek, hot rod design of the original Rocket Booster, but with a six-lug mounting application. Booster 6 features a reverse mount soft lip outer that provides a longer spoke and maximizes the wheel window. Additionally, Ford truck enthusiasts can cruise in hot rod style with the option of the 5x5½ bolt pattern application. The Booster 6 is available in 20-inch sizes and is purpose built to deliver big style and performance for six-lug classic and late-model trucks and SUVs at very affordable prices. The Booster 6 has a load rating of 2,300 pounds per wheel. The Booster 6 is also fitted for original 4WD truck applications for classic and late-model Ford, Dodge, Chevy, and GMC trucks. Note Booster 6 is not designed to fit over manual lockout 4WD hubs. The Rocket Booster 6 is precision-crafted from A-356 aluminum and designed and tested to meet or exceed U.S. DOT requirements and SAE standards. Booster 6 quality finishes include our easy-to-maintain classic Hyper Shot paint with machined outer lip and our durable chrome finish. Both finishes offer virtually no maintenance. When the wheels get dirty, simply hose them off and towel dry. To complete the look, each wheel is topped off with a vintage-style domed aluminum center cap. For more info on the complete line of Rocket Wheels check out www.rocketracingwheels.com or call 888-307-7525.

02. Pure Power Announces Third Patent For Cleanable and Reusable Filtration Devices
Pure Power! Incorporated (PPI), a globally recognized innovator in filtration technologies announced the issuance of their thrid patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Their most recent patent is for an OEM replacement drop-in cartridge oil filter for cars and trucks. PPI's newest patent also includes drop-in cartridge filters for fuel, hydraulics, and other applications. One of PPI's earlier U.S. patents is #7,413,089 for a direct spin-on OEM replacement lifetime oil filter for big-block Chevys, pre-LS small-blocks and various other engines such as the GM Duramax Diesel engine. The direct OEM-replacement oil filters are available for more than 40,000 applications for gasoline, diesel, foreign, and domestic engines, including alternative fuels. Used worldwide in auto, light truck, heavy-duty diesel trucks, marine, motorcycle, racing, RVs, buses, farming, mining, military, and stationery equipment. No modifications are required and installation of the filter takes only a few minutes. Another PPI U.S. patent is #7,597,202 for their Lifetime UniMount remote oil filter that is designed to deliver the maximum flow of filtered oil where a remote location is necessary or desired for ease of access. The mounting bracket is engineered to be an integral part of the filter, eliminating 90-degree turns made in other remote filters and incorporates a pressure port. For more info on these filters and the company's full line of lubrication products contact Pure Power! Inc. at 800-750-0827, or check out www.gopurepower.com.

03. ValveTrax For Valve Lash Adjustments
ValveTrax is a patented tool for making precise valve lash adjustments with consistent results the very first time regardless of engine type or size. The tool is a magnetic vinyl strip that is temporarily affixed around the harmonic balancer or pulley. Manually rotating the crankshaft, alignment is easy with the engine pointer matched to the proper adjustment symbol on the ValveTrax strip. ValveTrax is custom made for each specific application and can accommodate a wide variety of engines from three to 28 cylinders, regardless of firing order, balancer/pulley size, or crankshaft offset. For the full scoop on this time-saving tool contact Engyne Metrics at 310-702-5940, or check out www.valvetrax.com.

04. Chassis Engineering LS Engine Mounting Kits
Chassis Engineering has developed engine mounting kits designed to install LS Chevy engines into your 1948 to 1954 Chevy trucks (and mounts for 1935 to 1940 Ford cars or trucks, or 1937 to 1954 Chevy cars as well). Also offered are a wide variety of frame adapters, which when coupled with an engine cushion set and the newly developed LS engine mounts, ft a wide variety of other applications too. For more information give Chassis Engineering Inc. a call at 319-643-2645, or check out www.chassisengineeringinc.com.

05. Meguiar's Introduces All-New Water Spot Remover
Water spots are one of the most common paint defects plaguing drivers today. For those times that you park just a little too close to a sprinkler, or get caught in a bit of unexpected rain, Meguiar's, the leader in car care, offers its all-new Water Spot Remover, a multi-surface formula designed to help remove those annoying water spots. This innovative product is easy to use on all hard automotive surfaces including paint, hard plastics, chrome, metals, and glass. It's perfect to pack in the trunk for those times on the go and can be utilized either by hand or machine application. Meguiar's Water Spot Remover is now available at major Retailers and auto enthusiast/specialty retailers nationwide. Visit www.meguiars.com for more info.

06. Premium Lokar Aluminum Shift Knobs
Lokar Premium shift knobs are designed to ft Lokar automatic transmission shifters equipped with their Safety Lock-Out Tefon-lined buttons. These cool new knobs are available for manual shift levers with 3⁄8-inch threads as well. Manufactured from billet aluminum, Lokar automatic shift knobs are available in 2-inch solid, 2-inch Venetian, 2-inch Deco designs. Manual shift knobs are available in 2-inch solid, and a 2-inch Venetian designs with no shift pattern engraved for a smooth, clean appearance. These cool new knobs are available in a brushed, black, and polished fnish and are made in the USA with a lifetime warranty. For more information call Lokar at 877-469-7440 or check out www.lokar.com

07. 1955 to 1959 Chevy Truck Cross-Flow Radiators
For over 40 years, U.S. Radiator Corp. has been in the business of providing cooling system confidence to truck builders and car builders worldwide. Having the local Mohave Desert and Death Valley as natural testing ground, a line of high-performance radiators appropriately named, The Desert Cooler, was developed in the early 1960s. Distributed through a network of performance-minded dealers and engine builders, The Desert Cooler has become the radiator of choice for classic pickup and performance car enthusiasts worldwide. Whether it's from Paris to Dakar or Los Angeles to Las Vegas, The Desert Cooler offers the maximum in high-performance cooling. U.S. Radiator has just finished development on four new cross-flow radiators to replace your stock 1955-59 Chevy Truck downflow radiator. Each radiator comes with top and bottom mounting plates and simple installation with a drill and grinder. For more info on these particular radiators or their complete offering, contact U.S. Radiator at 323-826-0965 or check out www.usradiator.com.

08. Ford Racing Dress-Up Kits
Proform/Specialty Auto Parts U.S.A. Inc. has expanded its line of Ford engine building and appearance parts, including a new Ford Racing Parts catalog section and dedicated website for Ford enthusiasts. Complementing Proform's already extensive array of Ford performance parts will be an impressive line of officially licensed Ford Racing premium quality engine dress-up parts, many carrying the Ford Racing logo. This complete engine dress-up kit (part number 302-515) features chrome parts with embossed emblems, and includes all the items you'll need to give your Ford engine a cool custom look, while displaying your favorite logo! This kit is also available in black crinkle with red emblems (part number 302-500) and chrome with black emblems (#302-510). A complete line of Ford Racing die-cast aluminum, stamped steel, and fabricated valve covers, air cleaners, breathers, fuel block-off plates, breather caps, wire looms, dipsticks, fasteners, and complete dress-up kits are available in various finishes and colors. And best of all, they will be available at Proform's inexpensive retail prices. For complete information contact the Ford Racing Parts professionals at Proform/Specialty Auto Parts U.S.A. at 586-774-2500, or visit www.proformparts.com.

09. Classic Industries' Chemical Warfare Against Corrosion
Classic Industries' new selection of OER rust-treatment products now arms classic truck enthusiasts with an anti-corrosion chemical arsenal. For classic pickup restorers rust hides in nooks and crevices, collecting moisture and slowly spreading, while constantly weakening the structure. That's why Classic Industries has unleashed a new line of chemicals to fight corrosion. “Often, by the time you see rust on your classic vehicle, there is already a deep problem beneath the surface. Left untreated, it will consume a vehicle,” says Ray Yager, Classic Industries merchandising director. “With these restoration-grade OER chemicals, enthusiasts can fight rust at the molecular level.” These chemicals are specially formulated to remove, treat, and prevent rust. Return corroded surfaces to bare metal, convert rust into a paintable polymer coating, or seal out moisture and oxygen to starve corrosion and stop the spread for good. To learn more about the full line of preventive chemicals check out www.classicindustries.com or call 855-357-2787.

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