One of the major things you notice about a classic truck is the interior dash area. If you have followed my project vehicle at all you know that I replaced the stock dash with a 1964 Chevy Nova Dash in the June 2011 issue of CLASSIC TRUCKS.

With that install I ran into a few issues like the underdash structure and the holes all over the dash, so I gave up to work on other items on the truck. I’m slowly picking away at filling the holes in the dash and fixing the underside support braces that I temporarily installed to get the article done.

Every time I got in the truck I thought about filling in the heater control holes, radio, and to hide all the key switches, but after doing a quick search for Nova dashes I was left thinking about where I would put it all. Besides I liked the stock dash configuration, but wanted to smooth the flow of the dash by filling in the ashtray and adding a place for the dash vents.