Star Kustom Shop T-Shirts
Since 1954, Star Kustom Shop has been turning out one-of-a-kind hot rods and custom cars; and their new line of shirts is no stranger tot heir ways. Star Kustom Shop has unveiled three new styles of T-shirts to their clothing line. the first being the traditional logo that has represented the shop since 1954, with the slogan "Specializing In The Art of Kustomizing & All Things Hot Rod" on the crest. The second is the A-OK Skeleton wrapped around the SKS logo. And lastly is the shirt that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit of SKS -the exclusive self-titled "Kustom Don't Come In A Box!" All shirts feature the quality printed design on the back, and include a small SKS crest on the left front breast of each shirt. Only high-grad 100-percent pre-shrunk heavyweight cotton T-shirts are used. For more information, or to place an order, contact Star Kustom Shop at 626-272-6733 or visit

Oil Baffle Kit for Holley LS Oil Pan
The new 302-10 Oil Pan Baffle Kit fits Holley's popular cast-aluminum oil pan (part number 302-1) that was designed to retrofit LS engines into trucks, muscle cars, and more. Vehicles that endure prolonged sessions of braking, turning, and accelerating need extra protection from oil starvation. This oil pan baffle kit is designed to maintain proper oil level at the oil pump pickup during vehicle accelerations, both lateral and linear. The baffle maintains the oil at the oil pump pickup, preventing loss of engine oil pressure during maximum cornering in high-performance touring or road racing, as well as under hard acceleration in drag racing vehicles. The baffle is fabricated from sheet aluminum joined by TIG welded joints. Directionally positioned one-way trap doors allow oil flow toward the oil pump pickup, but not away. This baffle is designed to be used in the Holley (part number 302-1) LS Swap oil pan with the standard pickup, and is a drop-in replacement for the standard tray baffle. For info and a dealer near you check out Holley Performance Products at

Classic Pickup Trans Cooler by Derale
Derale's Series 7000 Subcompact Trans Coolers prevent heat-related failures, extend transmission life, and improve performance. Embossed turbulators maximize heat transfer. This four-pass model employs ½-inch copper tubing with aluminum fins and 11⁄32-inch inlets. Includes hose, radiator adaptor, and two mounting options. For more information, contact Derale Performance at 800-421-6288 or check out

New GT Series Gauges from Auto Meter
Powered by race-hardened, high-precision internals developed form 56 years of competition experience, GT series gauges are equipped with cutting-edge, white LED illumination to maximize the visibility in all condition. Fitted matte black bezels minimize cockpit glare while aircraft-inspired dials constructed from real carbon fiber clearly communicate critical data. Available in multiple configurations for optima deployment in applications ranging from hot rods, muscle cars, classic trucks, and modern street/race machines, GT Series gauges from Auto Meter are equal parts street righter and stealth fighter, ready for battle. For more info, contact Auto Meter at 866-248-6356 or at

Keep Your Cool
Is you classic pickup running overly hot or overheating altogether? Solve those problems and keep your truck’s engine cool with a new high-tech “brushless” electric fan from Delta Performance Automotive Group. Thanks to computational fluid dynamics (CFD), the Delta PAG’s Brushless Electric Fan blades are optimized for less noise and vibration, leading to a quieter (and long-lasting) fan. These high-performance fans feature a “self-cooling” capability, where the fan cools itself while operating, ensuring a long operating life of 50,000 hours or more – longer than any other electric cooling fan; an electronic control module (ECM) that communicates with the temperature/speed controller, and also combines Mil-spec and Grade O components (to ensure the highest performance and longevity) with an easily replaceable modular design. Other features include adjustability from 1,000 cfm to 2,800 cfm; an operating life of 50,000 hours, plus “Soft Start” technology that eliminates power spikes. For more info contact, Delta Performance Automotive Group Inc. at 212-203-2912 or at

Rocket Racing Wheels Adds New SIzes to the Rocket Strike Series
Fire first with the Rocket Strike! The Rocket Strike Series single-rib design is the perfect complement to classic pickups, hot rods, boulevard cruisers, and muscle cars. Rocket Racing Wheels announced that it is expanding the sizes and bolt patterns on the timeless and traditional Rocket Strike series to now include 15x4.5 and 15x10. Whether you drive a traditional hot rod or ’60s gasser, you can now hit the streets or dragstrip on big and little combos, with the new 15x4.5 and 15x10 sizes. Choose from polished or as-cast finishes in 15x4.5, 15x6, 15x7, 15x8 and 15x10 sizes. The Rocket Strike is precision-crafted from A-356 aluminum and topped off with a vintage-style aluminum O-ring center cap. To check out Rocket’s Rocket Strike Series as well as the company’s complete line of awesome custom wheels and dealers near you call Rocket Racing Wheels at 888-307-7525 or visit

Optima Chargers Digital 400 Performance Maintainer and Battery Charger
Optima Batteries, a worldwide leader in high-performance batteries, recently announced the addition of Optima Chargers Digital 400 12V Performance Maintainer and Battery Charger to its new line of battery-charging products. Unlike the Digital 1200 12V Performance Battery Charger, which was released earlier in 2012, the new Digital 400 is more compact and can easily be used to charge and maintain a variety of vehicles. The Optima Chargers Digital 400 12V Performance Maintainer and Battery Charger will not only extend the life of a vehicle’s battery by keeping it charged when not in use, but at $109.99, is ideal for everyone – from everyday drivers to your favorite classic pickup. The Digital 400 has a charge rate of up to 4 amps on large batteries and 3 amps on small batteries and can be utilized to keep all 12V AGM and flooded batteries healthy during storage. Additionally, the Digital 400 will automatically maximize battery life and performance with Optima’s built-in battery health mode. Beyond improving the performance and life of Optima and other AGM batteries, the Digital 400 is also incredibly user-friendly with an at-a-glance battery indicator and check-battery icons. The product is both compact and portable and will come with a wall bracket and useful hook for easy and flexible use. The dual-purpose hook and tilt design allows for in-vehicle hanging or angled stand viewing. Users can hang the Digital 400 on their garage wall with Optima’s wall organizer bracket. The product also includes battery clamp and DC ring terminal cable storage. With spark-free connection technology, reverse polarity, ambient air temperature compensation during charging and over-temperature protection, this product is safe and easy to use. For additional details about both Optima Chargers products, visit ’em at

Accelerated Racing Product's Big-Block TorqStorm Supercharger Kit
Accelerated Racing Products has announced the release of its new TorqStorm billet centrifugal supercharger kit for Chevrolet big-blocks. This new kit is engineered specifically to be a simple, straightforward bolt-on solution to adding more power without sacrificing drivability or reliability. The supercharger's housing and cover are both precision-machined from billet 6061 aluminum and the charger is available in natural, black anodized, or micro-polished finishes. Boost is factory set at 6-7 psi producing a meaningful horsepower increase without the need for internal engine modifications. If the desire for even greater power arises, the TorqStorm charger is capable of flowing enough air to support over 500 horsepower. A proprietary ceramic bearing system is utilized to greatly increase the product's durability and service life. All internal components of the supercharger are specially coated for temperature and wear control. The kit is designed to mount the supercharger to either the driver or passenger side of the motor and comes with all necessary hardware for installation. Custom routing of the optional charge plumbing and/or intercoolers is simplified by the use of a unique V-band clamping system. This unique feature allows the compressor to be clocked in any position relative to the housing. The supercharger also has its own self-contained oil supply, further simplifying installation as the need for oil feed lines is eliminated. For more information, visit

C10 Marker Lights
Woodall Industries, a premier manufacturer of quality GM truck restoration parts, has just released another product to its broad line of quality truck parts; part number W9092 Euro Style Side Marker Light Set for 1968-72 Chevrolet C- and K-series trucks. This four-piece marker light set includes two amber and two red Euro-style light assemblies. They will make a great addition to any 1968-72 Chevrolet truck. Woodall products are only available through select dealers. To find a dealer or additional information check out