Stainless Roadster Tilt Steering Column
Flaming River is excited to announce a new addition to their line of steering column products. They’ve taken their popular roadster-style steering column and added the modern convenience of five-position tilt. This new column is ideal for classic trucks, roadsters, and the early 1953-62 Corvette. With only 5½ inches from the bottom of the dish to the top of the column’s shroud, this compact space-saving design has a nostalgic look and full-tilt functionality. This new roadster-style tilt column fits snug against the dash, and compared to a standard tilt column, allows for an additional 2 inches of clearance in the driver seat. Each column is CNC-machined from high-grade 304 stainless steel. These columns come with a sleek 1¾-inch tube diameter and are available in a variety of lengths and finishes including paintable mill, polished, or custom powdercoat. Each column comes standard with a GM 4¼-inch wiring connector, horn functionality, canceling cam, turn signal arm, tilt lever, and hazard knob. All Flaming River steering columns are proudly made in the USA. For more information, call 800-648-8022 or visit ’em at

V-Band Clamps Now Available in 2-1/4-inch
V-Band Clamp Kit by Deeds Engineering has become available for 2¼-inch exhaust components. It’s a great size for tight-fit situations such as classic pickups, modern street rods, or mild engine applications. No gaskets, no leaks, quick removal, and simplified looks are the reasons top professional builders continue using Deeds Engineering V-Bands to connect their exhaust. For more info, contact Deeds Engineering at 818-842-2500 or check ’em out at

GearWrench Introduces the 120XP Flex Head Ratchet
GearWrench, a premier handtool brand from Apex Tool Group, known for tools that deliver speed, strength, and access, announced the new 120XP Flex Head Ratchet. The new ratchet includes all the features of the standard 120XP Ratchet plus an adjustable flex head with six positions, giving the end user additional clearance and improved access. The 120XP Flex Head Ratchet has a longer-reach handle than the standard 120XP, providing unprecedented access for hard-to-reach fasteners. Like the original 120XP Ratchet, the Flex Head has a 60-tooth gear that alternately engages double-stacked pawls to produce 120 positions and a 3-degree swing arc. The new ratchet is available in both full polish and cushion grip in ¼- and 3⁄8-inch drives, allowing for greater comfort and ease of use for technicians. The ratchet’s teardrop-shaped head has a low-profile, flush-mounted on/off switch, which also improves access in tight spaces. The enclosed-head design resists dirt infiltration. The product exceeds the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) strength requirements. Additional information about GearWrench is available at

Speedway Motors Bolt-Together Chassis Components for ’47-54 Chevy Pickups
Put down your welder and build a rock solid foundation for your classic truck with Speedway Motors’ exclusive new line of bolt-together 1947-54 Chevy pickup chassis components. Speedway Motors’ innovative new chassis components allow do-it-yourself rodders to assemble a complete frame using little more than handtools and a drill. The full line of bolt-on parts includes framerails (part number 916-04754) built from laser-cut 7-gauge steel plate, IFS crossmember (part number 910-44754) with interlocking boxing plates for extra strength and adjustable upper spring seats to fine tune final ride height, triangulated four-bar rear suspension kit (part number 910-04754), including 9-inch rearend housing, center frame support (part number 910-64754) to reinforce the frame, radiator support (part number 910-14754), fuel tank support brace (part number 910-84754), and engine mounts (part number 910-54754) for small-block Chevy and LS V-8s. Speedway Motors’ bolt-together chassis components are engineered to work together, but will also fit the stock frame of your 1947-54 Chevy ½-ton pickup. When used in unison, these affordable parts allow the average enthusiast to assemble a complete chassis in about a weekend, without requiring any welding or specialized skills. Speedway Motors also offers a full complement of suspension and brake components to make your frame a rolling chassis, as shown here. Call 800-979-0122 for more info, or visit ’em online at

Heidts Superide II IFS for ’57-64 Ford Trucks
Heidts Automotive Group announced the availability of their Superide II IFS suspension systems for ’57-64 Ford pickups. This new product essentially extends Heidts Superide II design to cover an even wider range of vehicles, with applications for Ford trucks now spanning 1948 to 1964 model years. Heidts also has a Superide II IFS application for 1953 to 1959 Chevrolet trucks. Along with their famous Mustang II-style drop spindles, the innovative Heidts Superide II design uses a front steer mounted rack-and-pinion unit and employs a steering geometry very similar to the Mustang II, which has been proven to work very well on classic trucks. The heavy-duty upper control arms use threaded adjusters for precise wheel alignment. Regardless of how large of road bump the suspension is subjected to, unlike others’ eccentric adjusters, the threaded adjuster will never slip or lose alignment. The geometry of the suspension provides a low, smooth, and highly steerable ride with no bumpsteer and a moderate level of anti-dive already incorporated into the design. A large, robust single-piece main crossmember makes the suspension system installation a breeze and eases engine installation. Combined with a full complement of mounting hardware and thoroughly detailed instructions, the installation will be as smooth as the ride you’ll get with the Heidts Superide II suspension system. For more information on this or other Heidts products, contact your local dealer, or call Heidts directly at 800-841-8188 or visit

40-Series Delta Force Race Mufflers
For hardcore truckers looking for an even more durable muffler than Flowmaster’s aluminized steel offerings, Flowmaster has introduced the Delta Force 40-Series mufflers in 409S stainless steel. Manufactured entirely in the US from 16-gauge material, these popular race mufflers will fit a variety of drag, street, and autocross trucks, and will be the last mufflers you need to buy for your pickup. For info call their technical assistance line at 800-544-4761 for more information regarding specific decibel requirements and applications, or check out the full Flowmaster line at