Top of the Line Tools
The Eastwood Company announced that it is the exclusive distributor of Fairmount hammer and dolly sets for metal shaping and autobody professionals and DIY hobbyists. Fairmount body hammers are designed for precision metal shaping as performed by skilled craftsmen for more than 100 years. With a rich heritage of quality and innovation, these tools continue that tradition. Fairmount hammers and dollies are all constructed from the highest quality raw materials to ensure lasting durability. Each tool is designed with the proper contour, balance, and head configuration needed by professional metal shapers. The hammers are available with fiberglass or genuine hickory handles, and feature heat-treated, hand-ground and polished heads. Eastwood offers 17 different Fairmount hammers and dollies, available individually or in kit form. Included in the line are an anvil dolly and dome dolly, not commonly found in other sets. “Eastwood’s research and development team tested these new body shaping tools in-house, on real-life projects, to ensure the balance, feel, and quality,” says John “JR” Robinson, Eastwood product manager. “These are hammers and dollies that you will have in your toolbox for years to come.” As the exclusive distributor of Fairmount hammers and dollies, Eastwood is proud to offer tools that metal shapers can depend on at an economical price. For more info contact The Eastwood Company at 800-345-1178, or check out all of Eastwood’s restoration tools and supplies at

Vintage Air Maximum Flow Proline Series Louvers
Vintage Air’s engineering team has created an all-new series of A/C vents specifically designed for superior airflow in a compact 2.625-inch size, and they look great too. These new louvers were designed, flow tested, and manufactured in-house by Vintage Air, to reduce the airflow restrictions common on many other aftermarket designs. They’re machined from 6160 billet aluminum and available in clear or black anodized finish. Designs clockwise: Spyder, Planar, Tridant, Penta. See the entire line at, or call Vintage Air at 800-862-6658 for more information.

Tremec Shifter Levers for T5, T45, T56, TKO 500, TKO 600 and Magnum
Lokar introduces their billet aluminum Tremec shifter levers for the TKO 500 and TKO 600. These are direct bolt-on billet aluminum shifter levers. These levers will fit the Tremec TKO manual transmissions with the standard two-bolt flange and give you that clean, smooth appearance. The shifter levers are constructed of billet aluminum in a very unique style and they’re machine grooved for boot attachment as well. The levers are threaded 3⁄8-16 for shifter knobs and all mounting hardware is included with the product. The levers are available in 6- and 8-inch straight and also in 6-, 8-, and 10-inch single bend. Available in choice of Midnight Series Black finish or brushed. As with all Lokar products, the shifter levers are manufactured and assembled in the USA. Call toll free 877-469-7440 or visit for more information.

Ron Francis Wiring Makes Alternator Upgrading Easy
Thanks to Ron Francis Wiring’s new alternator wiring kits, now the only thing limiting your choice of alternator is the mount. Do you love the clean, internal fan look of a Ford 3G alternator, but have earlier Ford 2G wiring? Or perhaps your power-hungry accessories are more than your Chevy 10si can handle. Or maybe you just need to rewire the alternator circuit only. Ron Francis Wiring makes alternator upgrades easy. These alternator wiring kits are available for all popular GM and Ford alternators, including 2G through 6G units. They come complete for easy plug-and-play installation including 6- or 8-gauge charge wire (depending on unit style), any adapters needed, and quality GXL insulation for added heat protection and peace of mind. For additional information please visit or give ’em a call at 610-485-1981.

PerTronix Ignitor III Billet Distributors
PerTronix’s new plug-and-play billet distributor for popular V-8 applications is designed to provide maximum ignition performance and easy installation all at a price you can afford. Think of the new Ignitor III-equipped distributor as the first ignition box that is completely inside the distributor. It features multiple sparks throughout the entire rpm range as well as a high-resolution rev limiter that is set by the end user. The Ignitor III is compatible with any inductive ignition system coil, but high-rpm performance can be improved when used with their low-resistance (0.32 ohm) Flame-Thrower III coil or new HC coil. Available with or without vacuum advance, the vacuum advance version is legal in all 50 states and Canada (CARB EO # 5D-57-23). Additional features include a tempered shaft with low-torsion displacement; an upper ball bearing and lower self-lubricating oil-impregnated copper powder metal bushing and a durable machined heat-treated gear. Distributors come with a factory-set performance curve, a mechanical advance limiting adjustment, and high dielectric strength cap and rotor. These distributors are available for most popular AMC, Buick, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford, Olds, and Pontiac V-8 engines. Ignition box performance without the box! For more information, contact your local performance retailer or PerTronix at 909-599-5955 or

Flat Collector Tight-Tuck Headers For Small-Block Fords
Patriot Exhaust Products has recently introduced a tight-tuck header designed to fit 221-351W Ford engines in most street rod applications utilizing a flat collector design. Part number H8482 is constructed from 16-gauge tubing and 5⁄16-inch thick flanges and utilizes large 15⁄8-inch primary tubes and 2½-inch collectors for improved flow and more horsepower. Patriot claims that their tight-tuck design solves many of the problems associated with engine swaps, especially in modified vehicles and street rods. This header is designed to fit in the tightest of engine compartments, clear all stock motor mounts, and can be used with any oil filter system or transmission and starter combination. The flat collector allows for more steering and frame clearance than conventional collector designs. Ford tight tucks are available in a raw finish for individual customizing, part number H8482, or with Patriot’s very popular metallic ceramic coating for increased resistance to corrosion and thermal fatigue, part number H8482-1. They come complete with Patriot Headers gaskets, header bolts, and special angled reducers. For info, contact Patriot Exhaust Products at 909-599-5955 for a catalog and name of your local dealer or check out