01. Versa Cut 60 Plasma Cutter

This Versa Cut 60 Plasma Cutter’s 220 VAC input with inverter technology offers superior arc stability and cutting power. It utilizes an airflow rate of 3 cfm at 60 amps, depending on the metal thickness. “Eastwood’s research and development team engineered and tested these new tools in-house on real-life projects to ensure the production of units that are durable, reliable, and compact,” says Mark Robidoux, Eastwood’s product manager. “These products come with Eastwood’s three-year warranty.” Eastwood markets unique tools and supplies for repair, restoration, and modification of cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Founded in 1978, Eastwood constantly strives to develop new products to serve the home automotive hobbyist, as well as individuals and organizations focused on the restoration and preservation of automobiles and motorcycles. For more info, contact the Eastwood Company at 800-343-9353 or check out www.eastwood.com

02. Ford 289-351W S.Drive Serpentine Pulley Systems

Building on the success of their popular Chevrolet systems, Eddie Motorsports has recently introduced their new line of S.Drive Serpentine Pulley Systems for small-block Fords. The compact Ford S.Drive systems are American made and feature pulleys and mounting brackets that are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum by Eddie Motorsports in their Southern California manufacturing facility. The kits are available in configurations with or without power steering and/or air-conditioning. With Eddie Motorsports’ S.Drive Serpentine Pulley Systems you can purchase a complete kit with everything you need to easily accessorize the front of your engine. To ensure a perfect, trouble-free fit on any small-block Ford engine, the Eddie Motorsports S.Drive kit comes complete with a one-piece, billet-aluminum timing cover that incorporates the entire required accessory mounting bosses. The S.Drive systems also contain all of the necessary billet aluminum pulleys and stainless steel fasteners as well as the highest quality, name-brand components including an Edelbrock water pump, Powermaster alternator, Gates tensioner, and six-rib serpentine belt. A Sanden A/C compressor and Maval P/S pump are also included where applicable. Eddie Motorsports’ billet-aluminum S.Drive Serpentine pulley systems are a great complement to their complete line of billet aluminum accessories and engine dress-up parts. Whether you are looking for the ultimate in customizing or performance, Eddie Motorsports billet aluminum components are the answer. Small-block Ford S.Drive pulley systems are affordably priced with kits starting at $2,075. Kits are available for the 351 Cleveland too. Call Eddie Motorsports at 888-813-1293 or visit www.eddiemotorsports.com

03. Direct Fit Pedal Arms For ’67-72 Chevy/GMC C10 Trucks

The C10 Direct Fit assembly is designed to replace original Chevy and GMC brake and clutch pedal arms. They’re made of billet aluminium construction with windowed arms that complement other Lokar products. A bronze pivot bushing provides increased durability. The product design offers unique styling and comes in brushed or black finish. Made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty. For more information, please call 877-469-7440 or email tech@lokar.com

04. Smart Shift Electronic Transmission Controller

Performance Automatic’s Smart Shift Electronic Overdrive Transmission Controller is now available for the GM 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E, 4L80E, and 4L85E. The Smart Shift comes preprogramed for a direct plug-in and drive-away installation. No downloads or computer hook-ups required. The complete wiring harness is included for your specific application and each connector is clearly labeled for easy installation. You can fine-tune your shift points, and shift firmness and torque converter lockup with the easy-to-use knobs on the end of your Smart Shift Complete controls at the end of your fingertips! Their Smart Shift transmission controller works great with any classic truck, street rod, muscle car, or Pro Touring car. Let Smart Shift connect that modern electronic overdrive transmission with your engine. Performance Automatic is an authentic American transmission manufacturer dedicated to the design, engineering, and quality of the country’s most respected performance transmissions. For more information, please visit www.performanceautomatic.com or follow ’em on Facebook.

05. Rotten Leonard’s Jalopy Shop

Do you ever need to match front and rear wheel patterns? Or you would really like to accommodate a common bolt pattern or a set of wheels you already have? Rotten Leonard’s Jalopy Shop offers a great alternative to removing the axles or hubs and taking them to a machine shop to be redrilled. Their slick drill guides utilize the original wheel studs to locate a pilot and a finish drill in a simple two-step per lug process. Both guides are long enough to assure that the holes will be perpendicular to the flange even when using a hand drill. Redrilling will save the enthusiast time and money by not having to replace axles, seals, gaskets, and fluids as the operation can be performed right on the vehicle in most cases. An extensive list of available guides, wheel lug part numbers, and complete instructions are available for viewing online at www.rottenleonard.com.

06. Flaming River Expands into the Powdercoating Business

Flaming River has expanded its operations and opened a powdercoating facility at their headquarters in Berea, Ohio. Powdercoating services will be available for customers looking to customize a Flaming River product they have purchased for their specific project or build. Popular products available for powdercoating include steering columns, rack-and-pinions, steering boxes, and steering column accessories like column drops, column mounts, and steering wheel adapters. They have a wide array of colors and shades to choose from and have an RAL color book available (part number FRPC100) to help you select a color that will complement your vehicle’s interior or exterior. For more information, and to learn more about the process and view a complete list of available colors, please call 800-648-8022 or visit www.flamingriver.com/powdercoating

07. Billet Aluminum Wheel Adapters and Spacers

Stoker’s Hot Rod Factory is now offering custom billet aluminum wheel adapters and spacers. They can be ordered with most bolt patterns and from 1-3 inches thick. Starting at only $35 each. Call 855-726-7101 or visit www.stokershotrodfactory.com.

08. One High-Performance Crate Engine at a Time

BluePrint Engines was started 20 years ago in a small garage in central Nebraska. What started as one man’s passion for speed turned into a hobby, then a job, and finally a career. In the beginning, BluePrint Engines built one engine at a time for friends and neighbors, and bit by bit the business and its reputation grew. Drag racers, circle track racers, and street rodders all received most of the first engines produced by BluePrint Engines. A need for financial security drove its founder into the mainstream. Grocery-getters were easier to sell to a lot more people. By this point the company has produced over 200,000 factory replacement engines for cars and light trucks and countless high-performance GM, Ford, and Mopar crate engines. One great example is their BP3961CTC (a perfect turn-key big-block for classic pickups). The BP3961CTC is 485 hp (500 lb-ft of torque) that comes complete with an aluminium intake, distributor, 750-cfm carb, valve covers, timing cover, oil pan, and a 10.4:1 compression ratio. It’s a nearly ready-to-run performance big-block with a retail of only $5,995! And if that’s not impressive enough, each and every BluePrint Engine is dyno tested and comes with a full 30-month/50,000-mile warranty. For more info on this or any of BluePrint Engine’s GM, Ford, or Mopar crate engines call 800-483-4263 or check out www.blueprintengines.com

09. The Improved ShockWave

RideTech is still the definitive name in air suspension thanks to the continual development of the ShockWave. Since being introduced, the ShockWave has been the most advanced, reliable air suspension solution for vehicles across the world. And they continue to get better. Last year, shocks used inside the ShockWave were all switched over to their new impact-forged monotube shocks. They introduced this shock in 2010 in their new coilover line and its success has led ’em to switch everything over to that design. This change has helped standardize their product lines, and has improved the previous ShockWave (which was already a great product to begin with). What does this mean to you? It means that you get more product for your money. It also means the ShockWave is now built with one of the most advance shock designs to date. And as they’ll continually improve their products, you can rely on them to be the No. 1 air suspension manufacturer well into the future. For more on RideTech’s complete line of suspension components give ’em a call at 812-481-4752 or visit at www.ridetech.com.