LS to TH350 Street Smart System

Performance Automatic has created yet another Street Smart System to complement GM's LS-series engines. This "firewall back" Turbo 350 Street Smart System is designed to use this new style engine with the very familiar TH350 transmission. This bolt-up package comes complete with their Stage-2 Turbo 350 transmission, 11-inch LS Street Smart Converter, trans mount, dust cover, hardware kit, dipstick, filler tube, LS flexplate and LS crank adapter, plus Performance Automatic's lifetime warranty. Rated to handle 550-plus horsepower, this PA35105 LS Turbo 350 Street Smart Package is the only transmission kit you will need. For more info and a complete listing of all of their Street Smart Systems, please visit or call 240-439-4650.

New Esquire-Series Gauges

Classic Instruments is pleased to announce the release of the Esquire series. These new square gauges command respect and portray an image of stylish excellence. They feature a custom-machined aluminum bezel, glass lens, chromed pointer, laser-etched numerals, a warm gray and cream on a spun aluminum dial face, and crisp LED lighting. Available individually or in a variety of set combinations, which include all necessary sending units. For more on these cool new gauges, check out Classic at or give 'em a call at 800-575-0461.

Pace Exclusive ZZ383 430HP Engine With Eight-Stack EFI

Pace Performance took their new Eight-Stack fuel-injection system and mounted it on a brand-new Chevrolet Performance ZZ383 then added a FAST EZ-EFI ECU and harness. The dyno results where surprising with 430 hp at 5,200 rpm and 475 lb-ft of torque at 4,300 rpm. More surprising was the tight air/fuel ratio reading, which stayed between 13.3 and 13.6 throughout multiple pulls on the dyno. During pull number two the FAST system started learning and making self-adjustments that further enhanced the engine's performance. This fuel-injected ZZ383 is one of the most efficient performance small-block Chevy engines in their stable. They plumb the injection system with the new TechAFX premium fuel-injection hose and fittings to provide you with long-term reliability and each of these ZZ383 engines get dyno tested to ensure proper engine break-in and trouble-free installation. Each engine includes polished finned cast-aluminum valve covers, a FAST EZ-EFI multi-port system, a FAST Performance electric fuel pump, an as-cast Eight-Stack fuel-injection system, an MBI distributor, plug wires, looms and spark plugs, a 14-inch flexplate, and an HD high-torque starter. Each engine is dyno tuned, run through a break-in procedure, and comes with a dyno sheet. For more information visit

New Dual Adjustable Aluminum Shocks

These new lightweight, American-made, Flaming River aluminum twin-tube design shocks come with a sleek, clear anodized finish and are independently adjustable for compression and rebound (19 positions of compression and 19 positions of rebound) allowing a total of 361 different valving combinations. Their large adjustment range allows for settings from comfortable cruising to road racing and everything in between. Adjustment knobs are clearly labeled with "C" for compression and "R" for rebound, and each shock is fitted with machined aluminum pistons with Deflective Disk Technology and a PTFE / bronze piston seal. These new adjustable shocks also sport 5⁄8-inch centerless-ground hard chrome-plated piston rods and Flaming River's advanced three-step sealing system. All shock models can be rebuilt or re-valved by Flaming River, are available in a variety of custom or stock mount styles, and are factory dyno tested and serialized. Installation kits are sold separately, and coilover spring kits are also available. For more information, call 800-648-8022 or visit

Rocket Racing Wheels Offers Bullet Lugs, and Bullet Lug and Lock Kits

If you dream of cruising the strip, then you want your ride to be perfect from the top, right down to the lug nuts. The Rocket Racing Wheels line of retro-inspired wheels already provides the perfect look for classic trucks, hot rods, and muscle cars. Now, your Rocket Racing Wheels can be accented with the right Bullet Lugs! Each Bullet Lug is made from quality carbon steel to meet or exceed industry standards. The Bullet Lug sets include 20 chrome-plated Bullet Lugs. For additional retro styling and security, choose the Bullet Lug and Lock Kit. The kit includes 16 chrome-plated Bullet Lugs, four Bullet Locks, one 17mm socket, and one socket lock. Choose from ½-inch thread, 7⁄16-inch thread, or 12mm 1.5 thread conical seat Bullet passenger heat-treated lugs. For info on these new lugs and the complete line of Rocket Racing wheels check out or call at 888-307-7525.

Keep Cool With Derale's TH400 Pans

Derale offers this good-looking cooling pan for GM TH400 transmissions. Derale Cooling Pans feature heavy-gauge steel construction, over 3 quarts of extra fluid capacity, and the company's patented Turbulator cooling tubes that'll reduce fluid temperatures by 20 to 50 degrees F. The Cooling Pans come with a two-stage heat-dissipating black finish, an 1⁄8-inch NPT temperature-sender port, a magnetic drain plug with rubber/steel washer, and a heavy-duty pan gasket too. For more info, contact Derale Performance at 323-266-3850 or visit

E85 Compatible Billet HP and Dominator Fuel System Components

Holley Performance Products is proud to announce that HP and Dominator fuel pumps and components have been approved for use with gasoline, diesel, and now E85. The pump family has passed the 1,000-hour heated E85 testing cycle to ensure their durability with this fuel. Matching HP and Dominator fuel-pressure regulators use a diaphragm material compatible with gasoline, diesel, alcohol, and E85. The O-rings in the filters are Viton and are safe for use with all the fuels listed above as well. For more information, contact Holley Tech Service at 270-781-9741. For the nearest dealer dial 800-HOLLEY-1 or visit

ididit's New Old School Horn Kit

Want your ididit Old School column to be seen AND heard? Now it can be with ididit's Old School Horn Kit! This do-it-yourself horn kit is specifically designed to easily install a horn to your Old School Straight steering column. With just a few simple steps you will have complete horn function in no time! The economical Old School Horn Kit comes with everything you'll need to install. MSRP: $50. For more information, visit or call 517-424-0577.

Kaase's P-38 Cross-Ram for the Ford Windsor

A quick glance at Kaase's new P-38 cross-ram induction system for Ford Windsor engines immediately conveys two things: its potential to deliver impressive low- to mid-range torque and its inherent low-profile presence to add greater hood clearance – qualities that are often highly valued. Depending upon the specifications of the camshaft and the cylinder heads, the cross-ram's lengthy runners awaken the engine's torque production and induces its best driving characteristics from around 2,500 to 6,800 rpm. Increased low- to mid-range torque also promises superior off-idle performance, strong acceleration, and rapid recovery during gear changing. Improvements in fuel economy are a further bonus. Functioning with factory-style and aftermarket cylinder heads as well as race heads, Kaase's new cross-ram system is available as a fully assembled kit or as individual components. The complete engine management system, comprising ECU, sensors, injectors, and wiring harness is tailored to operate efficiently with a high-flowing intake manifold. Nothing undermines the legitimacy of effective electronics more than the meager flow rates of an inadequate intake. The manifold is also complete, incorporating fuel rails and trumpets. The rails are positioned on top of the intake runners; the trumpets are attached to the ends of the runners. Finally, Kaase's P-38 cross-ram is supplied with an electronic control unit that has the ability to manage a wide variety of accessories for street use and for race cars. It offers almost infinite tuning and is furnished with built-in data acquisition and diagnostics. By featuring individual control of spark and fuel, it provides accurate fuel metering for quicker response, peak power and torque as well as fuel economy. For further information, contact Jon Kaase Racing Engines, Inc. at 770-307-0241 or visit