05. Revolver Serpentine System

March Performance new Revolver serpentine system is created with a combination of style and a low price that is sure to find favor among car enthusiasts everywhere. The highly styled one-piece alternator and air-conditioning bracket provides a rigid support for the alternator and A/C compressor; a separate bracket allows the option of power steering or no power steering. Best of all, March’s new Style Track bracket kit costs $500 less than other similar units on the market. For more information, please visit www.marchperf.com.

06. New Instrument Series

The V8 Red Steelie series features a vivid red background with spun aluminum numbers and accent graphics that brightly bounce off the red background. The series also features the uniquely designed pointer for the V8 line, which is chrome plated and balanced for precision accuracy. Additional details within the instruments are laser-etched markings on the light diffuser ring, which add a level of dimension and functionality. The etching corresponds with the indices on the face and flow into a polished stainless high-step bezel that is crimped around an optic-grade curved lens to complete the overall design. For more information please contact the Classic Instruments sales team at 800-575-0461.

07. Dually Superwide Chevrolet 1947-54 Pickup Fenders

Superior Glass Works introduces their new, superwide rear fenders for the 1947-54 Chevy pickups. Measuring 19-inches wide, they permit the use of a dually rear axle or super-fat rear tires without tubbing the bed. These fenders are styled exactly as the original steel parts and will look right at home on your AD series pickup. Because they mount to the bedside with a flat flange, these fenders can also be used on other year, make, and model trucks needing the fattest fender possible or adapt them to your COE project. These fenders are the latest addition to Superior Glass Works’ extensive line of hand-laid fiberglass parts for Chevy trucks from 1931-55 including hoods, fenders, grille shells, stock and wide fenders, running boards and more. In business for over 35 years, Superior Glass Works is the leading manufacturer of fiberglass parts for 1931-55 Chevrolet cars and trucks and offers 24 complete composite bodies. The company’s full-service chassis shop also builds custom chassis for most 1931-54 Ford and Chevy trucks. More information about these new fenders and other products mentioned is available at www.superiorglassworks.com or by calling 888-731-7670.

08. Trans Cooling Pan

Derale offers this GM TH350 (part number 14200) transmission cooling pan. It features heavy-gauge steel construction, 2 quarts of extra fluid capacity, and patented turbulator cooling tubes that reduce fluid temperatures 20-50°F. A two-stage heat-dissipating black finish, 1⁄8-inch NPT temperature-sender port, magnetic drain plug with rubber/steel washer and pan gasket are included. Derale Performance, 323-266-3850;www.derale.com.

09. Professional Mechanics Formula Penetrating Oil

Promech Professional Mechanics Formula Penetrating Oil was developed and used by a small circle of professional mechanics, hot rod shops, and restoration professionals. It is now available to the public. Promech is faster acting and more effective at freeing up rusted, corroded, or seized bolts, nuts, and hardware than anything currently available, retail or industrial. Promech is not intended to be a universal lubricant. It is concentrated on developing the penetrating part of the formula. After all, the slipperiest substance on earth is not going to loosen that rusted bolt or nut if it cannot get in there to work. Promech has also been shown to work very well in cases of “galvanic corrosion of dissimilar metals” such as the seizing of a steel bolt in an aluminum block. Like those nasty water neck bolts in your aluminum intake. Consider being able to save some of those irreplaceable parts on your old rod, instead of having to torch them off. Additionally, Promech has shown unique properties such as actually “fizzing” the corrosion out, as well as the ability to “creep and climb” into the seized fasteners, a huge plus when working in an inverted position. Years of field testing and recent ASTM lab tests confirm Promech performs far above the competition. Available at retailers and www.promechoil.com.