Rotabroach Kits For The Ultimate Holemaking Package

Blair Equipment Co., Inc., producers of precision sheetmetal hole-making tools and spot-weld cutters used in automotive body repair, fabrication, and restoration introduces two new Rotabroach Master Kits. Each of the new kits are an all-in-one set containing 16 different sizes of Rotabroach Cutters for drilling holes in materials up to ¼-inch thick. The fractional kit includes cutters from ¼ to ¾-inch and the metric kit includes sizes from 6 to 20mm. Rotabroach annular cutters are ideal for use in metal fabrication, restoration, maintenance and electrical applications, spot-weld removal, plug holes for welding, and automotive aftermarket installations. Each kit is packaged in a sturdy plastic storage case and includes an arbor assembly, extra pilots, center punch, washers and instructions. Rotabroach Cutters can be used in handheld electric drills with 3⁄8-inch chucks and in drill presses. Rotabroach Cutters are made of M2 H.S.S., hardened and precision ground. The annular or hollow design cuts only at the periphery of the hole, leaving the center as a solid slug of material. Because there is no center point or “dead zone” as with conventional hole-making tools, the annular cutter configuration has demonstrated the ability to drill holes up to three times faster and last 10 times longer than twist drills or hole saws. The cutters cut holes that are virtually burr-free and do not deform the surrounding material, even thin sheetmetal. Rotabroach Cutters are made in the USA. For additional information regarding Blair products, visit

Black is Beautiful

Looking for something a little different? Performance Coatings “Stealth Black” ceramic coating makes a great statement on intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, or any suspension parts you’d like to enhance with a highly durable, heatproof satin-black finish. The aerospace technology behind the ceramic coatings from Performance Coatings creates decorative, easily maintained finishes that can withstand heat up to 1,400 degrees, which far surpasses heatproof paints and other types of coatings. Unlike ceramic coaters who later learned there’s an automotive market out there, Performance Coatings started out serving the automotive restoration and high-performance markets, and they’re a major supplier of ceramic coatings for all types of racing and show car applications. The company also operates a full-service automotive powdercoating facility, all under one roof, so when you ship those engine and suspension parts, you can include any pieces you want powdercoated, too. Performance Coatings also offers a natural cast-iron ceramic coating that simulates the bare OEM cast finish for restorations, as well as Performachrome, the company’s signature ceramic process recognized for its chrome-like appearance. For more information, call 770-478-2775 to get a free color brochure that shows you what they do. Check out the Performance Coatings website at

ididit Introduces the Touch-N-Go Start Keyless System

Get the most advanced keyless ignition technology at your fingertips with the Touch-N-Go Start keyless ignition system for your ididit tilt steering column. This is the industry’s first touch-sensitive start system and features a 22mm aluminum button with multi-color LED lights that will always let you know what mode it’s in. There are no moving components to wear out, ensuring years of outstanding performance. The Touch-N-Go start system will automatically start your car with the simple touch of a button. It comes complete with two key fobs with up to four programmable channels, a control box small enough to fit just about anywhere, a proximity range of 2 to 15 feet, and has the capability of automatically unlocking your door as you get close and locks as you leave. For more information, visit their website at or call 517-424-0577. As always, ididit products are 100-percent American made!