Hot Rods by Boyd: S.O.B. (Spirit Of Boyd)

In 1978, a man named Boyd forever changed the automotive landscape by pioneering the art of creating custom billet wheels, one at a time, in his small shop in Southern California. Thirty-four years later, Chris Coddington continues his father’s legacy in that very same shop where it all started, creating the most innovative billet wheels on the market, whether it be for classic truck, hot rod, pro touring, or classic car enthusiasts. The latest addition to the 2012 line of Hot Rods by Boyd wheels is the S.O.B., built in an affordable cast configuration. Available in sizes ranging from 17x7 to 20x15 with a wide range of backspacing, and featuring an A-356 center and 6061 spun aluminum outer, each S.O.B. wheel incorporates the same attention to detail as the billet line, but at a lower price. These are simply the highest quality multi-piece cast wheels on the market today, but the clean lines of the new S.O.B. speak for themselves. For more information on this or any Hot Rods by Boyd product, contact Hot Rods by Boyd at 866-612-2693;

New Disposable Car Cover

Inline Tube has begun manufacturing another great new product for all automotive enthusiasts, the Plastic Universal / Temporary / Disposable, Car Cover with Elastic Band (part number INL12515.) This clear, 3mm plastic car cover with elastic band is a temporary cover that will not scratch the surface of your car. It has a patented elastic band on the bottom and will fit to cover any car 12x22 feet. This product is great because it is universal and will fit just about every car on the market. You can keep one in the trunk of your car for when you’re out for a drive or at a show and the weather turns sour. Instead of heading home, you can cover up and wait out the rain. The cover is like a car raincoat; even in heavy rain or wind the elastic band prevents it from being blown off. This is also an excellent new product that can be used under an existing cloth cover to protect it from dust and dirt. Cloth covers can get dust and dirt in them and scratch the surface of your car’s finish. Don’t put that dirty cover on your expensive paintjob! Body shops can even use these covers to keep dust and shop debris off the cars parked in their shop and, unlike a sheet of plastic, this will not blow or slide off and end up on the floor. It’s simple enough to towel dry or drape it over your everyday car to dry and use again. You can even buy a few at a time and throw them away if you don’t want to worry about drying at all. Inline Tube offers this product at a reduced rate if bought in quantities. For more info on these covers and the complete Inline Tube selection of high-quality products contact them at 586-532-1338 or on the web at