Fluid Film

Keeping your battery terminals corrosion free has become more important with modern advancements in automobile technology. Vehicles with PCMs and memory systems can put a constant drain on battery loads. Corrosion, however slight, can lead to system shut down or memory loss. Fluid Film, a lanolin-based corrosion preventive, can help alleviate problem corrosion on battery connections. Fluid Film is solvent free, ecofriendly, and will not evaporate from the surface. Fluid Film is non-conductive so connections should be tight before applying. One application will create an air-tight barrier of protection that will last a minimum of one year. Contact Fluid Film at 888-387-3522 or www.fluid-film.com.

The Dakota Digital GPS-50-1

GPS technology offers many benefits in today’s world: accurate speed information, precise location tracking, repeatable information, and so much more. The GPS-50-1 was completely designed and built in the USA; specifically made for the custom automotive market and the unique challenges that exist. Highly advanced electronics and software designs allow the GPS-50-1 to work unlike anything else, with accelerometers and predictive software to compensate for times when GPS inherently struggles: overpasses, mountains, tunnels, heavy tree cover, large buildings, passing large vehicles, etc. Unique electronic architecture provides for only minor current usage when off, yet lightning-fast start-up and signal acquisition. Updating the speed information 10 times per second provides tremendous accuracy, while the integrated omni-directional antenna provides for a wide range of installation flexibility and simplicity of a single, smart unit. In fact, the GPS-50-1 does a tremendous job of rendering the correct speed information. It can be used to feed an aftermarket cruise-control system. While not an easy task for a GPS speed sensor, the GPS-50-1 was intelligently created to handle this from the beginning. When used in conjunction with a Dakota Digital VFD3 or VHX Instrument system, a single data connection cable adds accurate speed information, compass positioning, altimeter data, and automatic clock syncing, all with fully automatic calibration! No DIP switches, no guessing, no inaccuracies. The GPS-50-1 is also fully compatible with other electronic speedometers on the market. Offering a user-selectable output of 4k, 8k, or 16k PPM signals and a selectable signal type of a sine wave or square wave, the flexibility is endless. The GPS-50-1 is also capable of a 54,400 or 128k PPM signal to allow an ECM to ease some of those unique transmission swap situations! The GPS-50-1 measures 4¾x2¾x1 inch, completely covered by a two-year warranty. For more info, call 800-852-3228 or visit www.dakotadigital.com.

Viking Launches Coil Spring Line

Viking Performance is proud to unveil its new line of ultra-lightweight, high-travel, high-performance coil springs. Viking springs are manufactured in the USA to precision tolerances from high-tensile spring steel. All Viking springs are engineered to provide the ultimate in consistent performance and are lifetime guaranteed to remain within 2 percent of the original free height and rate. Viking springs are very competitively priced since they are priced based on actual material used. Visit www.vi-king.com or call 800-236-6001 for more information.

Optima Battery Box From O’Brien Truckers

O’Brien Truckers has just acquired the tooling for the Optima aluminum battery box, formerly produced by Bitchin Products, featuring a finned top and smooth, soft lines. It’s the only cast-aluminum battery box on the market, and it’s so beautifully styled that you’ll want to leave your trunk open to show it off. The box is designed for use with the Optima side-post battery; dimensions are 115⁄8x85⁄8x95⁄8 high, and it’s made in the USA. It can be mounted in a variety of ways, with mounting bosses provided on the sides and bottom. The cast-aluminum box comes “as cast.” You can paint or powdercoat it, or you can order it fully polished as a special option. It ships out with a complete installation kit that consists of an inside crush pad, the electrical connectors with rubber color-coded battery boots, and installation instructions. The price is $200 each unpolished, or $350 polished. Check it out on www.obrientruckers.com along with all their other period-correct nostalgic products, or give them a call at 508-248-1555.