In most cases it’s everything you’ll need, though in our situation we also needed to purchase, install a third member, and drum brake assemblies, as well. However, that worked out well too as Currie sells brand-new rear drum brake assemblies and gear sets also. So, at the same time we picked up our Cut-To-Fit axles, we also grabbed a pair of 10-inch drum brake kits and our new third member at the same time.

Currie drum brake assemblies are available for 10x1¾, 10x2, and 10x2½-inch shoes. Backing plates are reconditioned and powdercoated, and the balance of the brand-new parts are fully assembled onto the backing plates, and the new drums come with any wheel bolt pattern up to 5 on 5 and with the stud hole size you desire.

So, with everything we needed to outfit her housing she got to work – I did give her a hand, but only by installing the third member as it was nearly as heavy as she is. Anyway, take a look at just how easy it was for her to assemble a custom-width rearend assembly in an afternoon, and keep Currie/9-Plus in mind for your next project, as well.

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