There’s nothin’ more aggravating for the do-it-yourselfer than needing to fabricate or assemble a particular part, or parts, and not having the right tools for the job. Sure, there are times a bit of imagination will allow one to wing it and get by using an alternate method, but you can’t improvise quality.

As is always the case with Speedway Motors products, when it’s quality you want, it’s quality you get. That said, above and beyond decades of offering the do-it-yourself trucker nearly everything they need to build a cool classic pickup, Speedway is also a great source for many of the tools needed to transform that pile of parts into a finished vehicle, as well.

Here we’re gonna take a look at a Speedway tool offering what every true home fabricator will find is a must for the well-equipped home shop – the Speedway Hydraulic Round Tubing Bender. Sure, it’s not an item that’ll get used every day, but having one at your disposal when the need arises has many advantages – most importantly not having to put up with the hassle and costs of farmed-out fabrication chores. Personally, I enjoy fabricating my own components as I usually have more in the way of time than money – plus I can boast “I made it myself.”

The 3rd Generation Speedway bender is a really well thought-out design that works amazingly well considering the fact that it’s a lot less expensive than many comparable round tubing benders. This one utilizes an 8-ton hydraulic ram that’ll handle up to .134-wall mild steel tubing or up to .096-wall chrome-moly and has the ability to make nice, smooth bends in tubing as small as 1 inch in diameter up to 1¾ inches in diameter (with use of the correctly sized corresponding dies).

This wide array allows the bender to fabricate a myriad of components from crossmembers to headlamp stands and motorcycle frames to shop equipment. You’d be amazed at what you’ll be able to do with the Speedway bender when you step back and give it some thought.

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