Fix Your Sagging Cab

Own a ’63-66 ¾-ton Chevy or GMC truck and need to replace the cab mounts? If so, Brothers Truck Parts has you covered. This kit allows you to convert your truck to readily available ½-ton cab mounts. Kit includes a ½-ton cab mount kit, rear cab mount conversion frame brackets, and hardware. For more info on this and all the cool parts from Brothers, call 800-977-2767, or check out their website at

Hide That Battery

Looking to remove your battery box from under the hood for that custom look? Tuckers Classic Auto Parts can help you make that eyesore disappear with their all-new polished stainless steel drop-down battery box. Your battery will be fully accessible when the box is mounted to the frame. When side support rods are disengaged, the bottom tray will slide down removing the battery from the box support. Fits group 24 and smaller batteries and includes battery hold-down assembly. For more info, contact Tuckers Classic Auto Parts at 800-544-1955 or on the web at

AMSOIL High-Performance Brake Fluids

AMSOIL now offers Series 500 High-Performance DOT 3 Brake Fluid and Series 600 High-Performance and Racing DOT 4 Brake Fluid. AMSOIL brake fluids provide superior high-temperature performance in auto/light truck, high-performance, racing and powersports applications. Formulated with the very best zinc-based anti-corrosion additives and pH stabilizers, AMSOIL brake fluid is designed for high-temperature stability. They remain virtually incompressible, even at the highest pressures generated in braking systems. AMSOIL brake fluids supply superior stopping ability under the most demanding conditions. The lower boiling points and minimum additives found in less expensive brake fluids will begin to vaporize at a much earlier rate. This causes the brake pedal to travel further to apply the same amount of force on the brakes. The driver will experience a spongy feeling at first, then possibly a total fade or no braking at all. AMSOIL Series 500 High-Performance DOT 3 Brake Fluid and Series 600 High-Performance and Racing DOT 4 Brake Fluid both exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard #116 and all requirements of the Department of Transportation (DOT). For more information about AMSOIL brake fluids, contact your nearest AMSOIL distributor, or call AMSOIL at 715-392-7101 or 800-777-8491.

Wax On...

Many car guys love the deep, rich finish that carnauba provides, but not everyone has the time to achieve those results. Now, Meguiar’s is making it easier to get the same traditional look in half the time by releasing Gold Class Carnauba+Plus Quik Wax as part of its new 2012 product line. Perfect for all colors, and exceptional on black vehicles, this new addition to the Meguiar’s Gold Class family is the answer to achieving a quick, dark, wet-looking shine. With a simple mist-on, wipe-off, Carnauba+Plus Quik Wax delivers the rich, warm protection that only carnauba can deliver. The “+Plus” in this formula means it won’t leave white residue on plastic or trim. Unlike most waxes, Carnauba+Plus Quik Wax can be applied to a warm surface in direct sun. Available in a 16 oz. trigger spray, this new 2012 Meguiar’s product is available at major retailers and auto enthusiast/specialty retailers nationwide. For more information, please call Meguiar’s at 800-347-5700 or visit

Classic Truck Trans Packages

Performance Automatic’s Street Smart Turbo 350 transmissions and packages are designed to complement the wide range to of today’s high-tech crate engines. The Street Smart Turbo 350 transmissions are designed and manufactured to handle the power and technology using the same Turbo 350 you’ve known without compromising performance or streetability. The Performance Automatic Stage 2 Turbo 350 (part number PA35102) is expertly assembled using Raybestos Racing Clutches, proprietary Super Streeter valvebody, a hardened race, and an aluminum pan with drain. The Turbo 350 Stage 2 Street Smart Package (part number PA35104) includes the Stage 2 transmission, a new rubber mount, 11-inch Super Streeter 2,500 stall converter, inspection cover, hardware, dipstick and filler tube, and a lifetime warranty. The Stage 2 Street Smart Package is ready to install in any classic pickup, muscle car, street rod, or Pro Touring vehicle. For more info on these Turbo 350s and all other transmissions, call 240-439-4650, or visit for more info.