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Control Cables Firewall Mount Throttle Pedal

Control Cables new firewall-mount throttle pedal is built from strong billet aluminum. The pedal is machined from high-quality 6061 T6 aluminum and features a spring-loaded pedal pad with a rubber insert. The pedal is approximately 3½ inches long by 1½ inches wide at the top, and tapers to 1¼ inches at the bottom for a clean, sporty look. The two connecting arms for the throttle mount have 36 splines for greater adjustment and are fully reversible. A ¾-inch base with Oil Lite bushings allow for very smooth operation and long life. These awesome pedals are available in a black-anodized finish or brushed finish. Also shown is Control Cable’s optional billet aluminum brake pad. Control Cables have been in business since 1980 and also manufacture a variety of controls and cables for vintage, classic cars, rods and trucks. A product catalog is available by contacting Control Cables, Inc., at 562-949-0455 or by visiting

RetroRack Universal Steering

Finally, a fully adjustable steering rack! Don’t let the name fool you; the new RetroRack is anything but old school. This revolutionary new power rack-and-pinion assembly by AOI is designed for universal fitment in any application. RetroRack is CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum, provides 8 inches of precise rack travel and is fully adjustable for LHD, RHD, front-steer and rear-steer fitment. The valve housing, pinion tower and center drag link all rotate 360 degrees to overcome any interference or mounting issues. RetroRack racks are available finished in full polish, nickel plate or black anodized, and easily adapt to any classic truck, muscle car, street machine, pro touring, street rod, classic car, or even off-road applications. For more info, call AOI at 800-474-0184 or visit to view the RetroRack video and learn all about this versatile steering assembly.

’38-55 Chevrolet Radiator Overflow Tanks

The Filling Station is happy to announce the availability of these cool new reproductions of rare factory accessory items. The repro tanks replace original GM part #’s 985319, 985528 and 986282, designed for 1938-1954 Chevrolet passenger cars and 1938-1955 (1st Series) Chevrolet and GMC Trucks. Not only are these great-looking accessory items, they’re also practical as they take overflow and steam from radiator to the tank, condense it back to water, and then return it to the radiator.

This new item comes with two different decals (for early or late versions), hose and mounting screws. Also included are installation instructions. Price is $119.50 each – order part # VT-73. If you would like more information about products developed by The Filling Station, please call them at 800-841-6622 or visit

Three Tube Benders in One

One of the most important tools you can have in your toolbox is a tube bender. While not as glamorous as a torque wrench or dial bore indicator, it performs a function just as valuable. It’s not only handy for automotive tubing repairs or fabrication, it also can be used for household fixes. Classic Tube has a great selection of handheld tube benders like this Triple Bender (#3755), which is powdercoated for long-lasting durability. This Classic Tube Triple Bender features three bending grooves for bending either ¼- or 3⁄16-inch (one groove does both sizes), 5⁄16- or 3⁄8-inch tubing. It will provide smooth bends starting at 0 degrees, and going up in 15-degree increments to 90 degrees. Both right- and left-hand bends are possible using the adjustable handle. It’s perfect for the do-it-yourselfer or professional mechanic, and covers all tubing sizes for most cars and trucks. How many times would this tool have come in handy for your projects? For additional information and fluid-transfer products contact Classic Tube at 800-882-3711, or online at