Because No Ordinary Knob Will Do!

Ididit’s Retro Knobs are now included on selected Chevy Columns. Instead of the standard knob everybody has, ididit is now including their sleek and stylish Retro Knobs on selected Chevy Retrofit columns. Ididit’s Retro Knobs more closely resemble the vehicle’s original design, which adds even more style to your ride. Vehicles that now include the Retro Knobs are ’55-59 Chevy trucks, ’55-57 Chevy cars, ’58-60 Impalas, and ’58-62 Corvettes. For more information, visit their website at or call 517-424-0577.

Beauty and Protection All in One

Smooth-painted running boards are probably one of the most popular trends in street rodding. Unfortunately to the general public, those boards that you spent so much time and money on to look that way are just a step to get into the car. To provide some protection and add a nice accent, the folks at McMillan Rod & Custom offer these solid Stainless Steel running board strips. They are available in both ½- and 3⁄8-inch half-round versions. Built from high-quality, type 304 stainless steel and polished to a mirror-like finish, they are sold by the foot so you only buy what you need. Options include studs, bullet, and rounded ends. View these and other innovative products at or call them at 715-387-6847.

AME Rear Suspensions Now Available With “Johnny Joints”

The highly effective three-link, four-link, and four-bar rear suspensions manufactured by Art Morrison Enterprises are now available with the innovative Currie “Johnny Joint” rod ends. This enables enthusiasts to have a rear suspension with the articulation and “tightness” that comes with competition spherical rod ends, but with lubrication capabilities important for street use. Morrison’s three-link suspension is perfect for “track day” type vehicles where optimum handling is a primary concern. The three-links include a centered bar that attaches to the top of the rearend housing and two lower bars that locate on the rear crossmember; all can be equipped with “Johnny Joints.” Lateral stability comes from a Watt’s linkage that pivots on a specially modified 9-inch housing.

The four-link and four-bar suspensions are likewise offered with “Johnny Joint” rod ends, as well as spherical rod ends and Morrison’s polyurethane bushed stainless steel rod ends. To facilitate an easy installation, AME manufactures complete CAD-engineered rear clip assemblies custom made for the exact application. They are jig-welded to assure that all suspension components are properly aligned. The rear subframes include mandrel-formed ’rails, a 9-inch rearend housing with all necessary suspension mounts, coilover shocks, link bars, and options like a Panhard bar, Watt’s linkage, and sway bar. For additional information, call 800-929-7188, or visit and request the latest catalog.

Eastwood’s New Internal Exhaust Coating

Those hot rodders at Eastwood have done it again. This time they’ve developed this exclusive exhaust-coating formula with thermal coating properties designed to cover the inside of exhaust system components and trap heat inside the tubing in both new and used exhaust systems. Use of the coating results in reduced radiated heat from headers and exhaust manifolds leading to overall lowered underhood temperatures and less heat absorption by nearby parts and surfaces. Eastwood’s new Internal Exhaust Coating also prevents rust and corrosion inside the exhaust manifolds or headers, thus extending the life of those components. The Internal Exhaust Coating features an exclusive 2-foot-long extension hose, with wide fan, and 360-degree aerosol extension nozzle that allows easy and complete application of the coating throughout the headers or manifolds. For more info on this and all of Eastwood’s awesome products, give ’em a call at 800-345-1178 or check out their website at