Wes and I are always looking to check out the best the hot rod aftermarket has to offer--a monumental task in a world chock-full of awesome offerings for anything in the performance realm. This time around we set our sights on putting together a 351 Windsor crate engine for one of our future project vehicles. Now, the engine assemblies from Ford Racing are pretty darned stout on their own but like any self respecting rodder, we guys can never leave well enough alone. That said, we talked to the pro’s over at Vrbancic Brothers Racing to give us a hand in adding some bolt-on horsepower to our already respectable crate engine. What the heck, you can never have enough horses!

This particular SBF has been tweaked a bit already, and with an aftermarket cam, intake, and carb upgrade it already had measured in at a very respectable high of 281hp at 4,500rpm. To see if we could improve on this, and to add to the engine’s eye appeal, we hit the Edelbrock Website and did a bit of shopping.

Good looks, affordability, and bolt-on horsepower have always been a hallmark of Edelbrock and that’s why we chose to update our latest CLASSIC TRUCKS project engine with a few of their offerings— specifi cally, a pair of PN 60259 Edelbrock Performer cylinder heads, a PN 75814 intake manifold, and PN 18134 800cfm carb—a few relatively easy bolt-on upgrades that’d likely add some muscle as well as good looks due to their highly polished fi nishes.

And as we’d hoped, the Edelbrock upgrade coupled with the Vrbancic Bros. expertise netted us even more power than we’d hoped for. How’s a gain of nearly 100hp and 46 lb-ft of torque grab ya? A pleasant surprise that left us extremely pleased—and with a powerplant that’s destined to add a lot of enjoyment and reliability to this latest project vehicle. That said, let’s take a look at the installation and testing that went on one afternoon at one of our favorite dyno facilities. CT