Now that we scratched the surface of fuel pressure and volume, let’s talk about supplying the fuel pump with power and ground. Power and ground play a huge roll in how many gallons per hour the fuel pump will deliver. Lets say you are on a budget and your buddy has some 18g speaker wire laying around so you use it to connect your fuel pump power and ground. The pump would likely run but maybe not for long, not because the battery voltage was not there, but because the current or amperage to supply the full power to the pump was restricted. Aeromotive has a graph on the A1000 fuel pump showing the available pounds per hour via pressure and, more important, voltage. Aeromotive’s Graph shows a pressure of 45 psi at 12 volts, the pounds per hour is 700 but at the same pressure of 45psi with 13.5 volts, the pump is able to produce 800 lb/hr of fuel. The graph makes me think that the wire size and voltage are very important, and so is a good battery plus charging system. Aeromotive recommends the use of a 30amp relay with 16-18g wire feeding the relay, a 10g wire power wire to the pump, and a 10g ground connected to a clean chassis ground.

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