Now The 275/40R20 Fit Inside TheFender Wells With No Problems

The New Vintage packages for ’67-72 Chevy/ GMC trucks offer unmatched style, performance and quality, with features no one else can match. Features include their exclusive floating dial design with LED backlit mint green graphics and lit pointers. The stepper motor gauges can trigger the functions incorporated into the NVU exclusive Info Center with warnings for just about any function. Kits are available in basic gauges and brackets to install in your dash or fully assembled and wired. Kits include all senders and detailed instructions. As always, MADE IN DETROIT with a five-year warranty. For complete info contact New Vintage at 248-850-5482 or on the web at .

1960-72 Gm/Gmc Pickup Direct Replacement Chassis

Jim Meyer Racing’s custom, jig-built, mandrel-bent or fabricated direct-replacement ’60-72 GM/GMC pickup chassis’ offers you all the street-performance options you’ll ever want. They build ’em your way with any step over the front-or-rear suspension, any tread width front-or-rear, or any wheelbase. It features stock cab mounts, core support mounts, and front bed mounts all in their stock locations, and moves the fuel tank out of the cab to the rear of the frame! The only front-and-rear adjustable stance 2x4x0.120-inch wall chassis in the industry features beefy 2x5-inch main framerails, a new 9-inch rearend (28, 31or 35-spline and any width) with adjustable urethane-bushed four-link, adjustable urethane-bushed Panhard rod, aluminum adjustable coilover shocks (front-and-rear) or optional remote ShockWave air spring system and an adjustable trans-crossmember that comes pre-drilled for all GM and aftermarket transmissions. The identical IFS shown in the chassis is available as a separate bolt-in unit for ’60-87 pickups. See it on their website. All parts are available separately.

Since they build ’em your way, it’s available with any industry option you’d like from Jim Meyer Racing Products, Inc. Call ’em or download any of their catalog pages or any of their installation instructions (to see if you can install it at home) from or call ’em at 541-994-7717.

The Ultimate Trailer Hitch

The Tilt-A-Hitch allows you to use your jack to safely and easily tilt your trailer to any desired angle, while safely secured. It makes loading, unloading and hauling faster, easier, and safer—it turns your existing trailer into a tilting trailer. Tilt-A-Hitch inventor Lane Smith announced recently “An optional 4-inch drop-arm is now available for the SEMA award winning Tilt-A-Hitch. The original Tilt-A-Hitch perfectly tilts about 95% of all truck-trailer combinations, but this lets you handle those extreme situations.” The Tilt-A-Hitch tilts your trailer using your trailer jack. For more info call 618-616-1790 or go to

Valve Cover Breathers From O’brien

O’Brien Truckers now offers these ultra-cool valve cover breathers patterned after the ones released by G-T Equipment back in 1964, featuring a distinctive four-fin design. Add your own color between the fins for extra detail, as shown, and they really “pop.” The improved version is updated with a removable cover and open cell foam insert to keep the oil inside the valve covers. The mounting surface area is 7½x1¼ inches, and the removable top cover measures 8¼x1¾ inches. The breather assembly adds only 2¼-inch to the side of the valve cover, and the height is 31⁄8-inch. Each breather comes fully polished with stainless steel mounting hardware and a custom die-cut gasket to properly seal it to the valve cover surface. The price of these little beauties is $100 each. You’ll find them featured on O’Brien Truckers’ new website, along with a truckload of other period-correct nostalgic products, for the full scoop contact ’em at 508-248-1555 or on the web

Get Your Kicks …

OTB Gear has just introduced its Route 66 Series of four-barrel air cleaners. These nostalgic looking air cleaners are a combination of spun and cast aluminum components. The cast tops are polished to a show quality shine, while the spun filter housing can be left natural, clear coated or painted. Available in three designs (Mohawk, Full Finned, and Orbit) each feature a concealed, washable oiled filter and polished stainless steel fasteners. Part of the growing collection of old-school hot rod parts available from OTB Gear, these carburetor accessories are made in the USA and built to the quality standards that OTB Gear has become famous for. For more information and ordering, contact OTB Gear at 909-595-4995 or at

Nostalgia Style Compact Small And Big Block Serpentine Kits

March Performance is proud to offer a choice of Classic V or Round Style options for their popular front-mount small- and big-block serpentine drive kits. These systems have been designed for mounting accessories below the valve covers and in between the width of the heads. Precision CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum for strength and perfect fit, and are hard-coated on high-wear areas. They’re clearcoated to eliminate polishing in those hard to reach places, too. The kits are designed to fit Ram Jet, Tune ports, and both single and multi carb engines. The Ultra Nostalgia includes a chrome Sanden A/C compressor, a chrome alternator, a GMB Aluminum reverse rotation water pump, a Tuff Stuff Type-2 power steering pump, a Dayco spring loaded tensioner with housing cover, an A/C bracket and nose cover, an alternator bracket, power steering bracket and housing cover, a crank pulley, and hard-coated water pump and alternator pulley with fairing and nose covers. They’re also equipped with an alternator pulley with machined fan and nose cover, power steering and tensioner covers, a V-Cross emblem, A/C line fittings and grade-8 mounting hardware. For more info contact March Performance Inc. at888-729-9070, or on the web at

Gaylord’s Butterfly Lid

Gaylord’s Truck Bed Lids offers a unique fiberglass lid that features a hinge that runs lengthwise down the center of the lid, thus allowing full access to your truck bed. It is made from resin filled composite honeycomb for durable, long lasting construction. The Butterfly Lid features a patented, clamp-on, cross bar mounting system which allows easy installation or removal. No drilling into your truck bed. Lid has two keyed alike locks with a pop-up T-handle that provides a four-point locking system to secure your gear. There are dual heavy duty gas struts on each side of lid to provide for easy opening and closing. Wrap around rail design follows trucks bodyline for an O.E. look and its double weather seal helps protect cargo from the elements. Plus, the aerodynamic design actually increases gas mileage thus saving on fuel costs. Lid is available to fit most makes and models and can be painted to factory colors. Also pictured is the optional Gaylord’s Upholstered Bed Liner to compliment the Butterfly Lid. Gaylord’s makes lids to fit domestic trucks from the ’40s through current. For info on these and all of the company’s wares contact Gaylord’s Truck Bed Lids at 562-529-7543 or on the web at

Juliano’s “Seatbelt Superstore” Website

Nobody builds a vehicle without seatbelts today, and every application is a little different. Juliano’s knows that, and that’s how they became one of the country’s biggest distributors of automotive seat belts. You say you want it now? No problem—Juliano’s offers same day shipping from what may be the largest seat belt inventory anywhere.

You’ll love visiting this seatbelt superstore, where you can shop for the exact seatbelt system you have in mind. They offer a huge variety of colors, as well as styles. Choose from traditional lap belts, shoulder belts, three-point systems, rigid or soft arms, modern latches, ’60s style chrome latches, or starburst latches. They also offer a huge selection of seatbelt accessories including bolt covers and anchoring systems. If you’re looking for a specific style and color of seatbelts for the pickup you’re building, this is where you can order exactly what you need. Call Juliano’s at 860-872-1932, or visit the Seatbelt Superstore on the web at

“2-In-1” Speedometer /Tachometer From Doc’s

Doc’s Kustom announces a new 2-in1 speedometer/tachometer combo from its gauge division, Omega Kustom Instruments. The speedo/tach comes in black, white, tan, and silver as shown, and features a 4.725-inch stainless bezel with a true glass lens. The gauge fits a 4.375-inch hole, making it perfect for use in many early dashboards, for the center of a great-looking dash layout. The speedometer features one-button programming, with an odometer and trip odometer, with an 8,000 rpm tach packaged at the bottom. When flanked by four of Doc’s color-matched engine-function gauges, it creates a beautiful layout within a compact space. Price is $349, including senders. Doc’s Kustom also offers a variety of make-and-model specific custom panels to compliment his gauges. All products are made right here in the USA and come with a full 3-year guarantee. For more info contact Doc’s at 229-528-4300, or visit ’em at

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