March Quality and Innovation for the Budget Engine Builder

March Performance is happy to offer its new low cost “all inclusive” Sport-Track serpentine kit for small-block Chevy short water pump engines. The Sport-Track replaces your low performance V-belts and pulleys with a high-quality, simple bolt on assembly! This serpentine system eliminates belt throwing and the larger crank pulley aids in driving your alternator, A/C and water pump for better cooling and improved charging during low speed driving. Sport-Track all-inclusive kits are CNC machined from solid billet 6061-T6 aluminum, and include all the accessories you’ll need including a 105-amp alternator, a Sanden A/C compressor, a power steering unit, a water pump, pulleys, brackets, and all mounting hardware. They’re also available in a black or silver face plate. For more info, contact March Performance Inc. at 888-729-9070 or on the web at

1936-1956 Dodge Lowside Pockets

Now available from new tooling and proudly Made in the USA. These much needed die-stamped 16-gauge steel stake pockets will replace your torn and rusted original ’36-56 Dodge Lowside stake pockets. They are die stamped to shape and laser trimmed to size so the builder can use them in any position on the box. The rear crossmember brace is installed and the pockets are ZinKlad plated for superior corrosion protection. These stake pockets as well as chain brackets and hinges are in stock and ready to ship. To order call Bruce Horkey’s Wood and Parts 507-831-5625 or e-mail ’em at

AccuAir Introduces the eXo Mount

AccuAir introduces the eXo Mount bracket system which integrates air management components into one easy-to-install unit for all vehicles with Air Suspension. This modular design allows the tank, compressors, ECU, and valves to be mounted together in a variety of orientations to simplify installation in the trunk of a car, the bed of a truck, or the side of any framerail. This system also incorporates AccuAir’s new aluminum air tanks in three- or five-gallon sizes, and utilizes revolutionary Hover-Mount compressor isolators for quieter operation. The versatility of the AccuAir eXo Mount makes it the perfect air management mounting solution for all applications. The modular bracket system mounts tanks, compressors, ECU, and VU4 all-in-one allowing multiple mounting configurations like the trunk, the frame, the bed, and more. The system can be assembled on your work bench and then installed with only four bolts, saving hours of installation time. The eXo system’s Hover-Mount compressor isolators reduce compressor noise by 180-percent, and are available with either a three or five-gallon aluminum air tanks, single or dual compressors, and the system’s minimal space consumption allows easy fitment to any vehicle. For more info contact AccuAir at 877-247-3696, or on the web at

Kugel Says “Move That Chassis”

Kugel Komponents Wheel Arounds are the ideal way to move your truck chassis around your garage or shop. No need to worry about flat or under inflated tires or mismatched size wheels. Wheel Arounds are made of injection molded polyurethane and support up to 1,500 pounds static load (375 pounds per wheel). They are designed to move the chassis only—they will not support the weight of a body and engine. When not in use they take up less space than conventional tires and wheels. Plus, they are always ready to use when you need them. These durable 24-inch tall rollers are 13⁄8 inches wide and come in a set of 4. Included is one set of twenty specialy sleeved lug nuts and washers in lug sizes ½-inch, 7⁄16-inch or 12mm and are drilled for both 4½ and 4¾ bolt patterns. Extra lug nuts are available as well. Kugel has over 40 years of automotive experience and offer complete independent front and rear end suspension systems as well as other products to meet your needs. Contact: Kugel Komponents at 562-691-7006 or on the web at