Plasma Cutting Circles … It’s Easy and Accurate

Cutting circles with a plasma cutter has just gotten a whole lot easier with the Circle Cutting Attachment from HTP America. Here is a unique tool that can make your cutting jobs not just easier, but more precise. The Circle Cutting attachment gives you the ability to accurately cut circles anywhere from 4 inches up to 50 inches in diameter, depending on the attachment. Straight line cutting is a snap with the dual-wheel car. The Circle Cutting Attachment kit includes cutting bars, compass base, magnetic base, ¼-inch pierce base and a dual-wheel car. The Circle Cutting Attachment is available for HTP plasma cutters, and specific models of Hypertherm and Thermal Dynamics cutters and torches. Check out our website for specific models and to view our demonstration video at: For more information on the Circle Cutting Attachment or to receive their free catalog, contact HTP America, Inc., at 800-872-9353, and check out their website at