BedWood™ for Trucks Aluminum Hidden Fastener Strips

BedWood for Trucks, a manufacturer of quality BedWood kits made in America for trucks, customs and hot rods, has just released another in its series of innovative BedStrips. BedStrips are polished, extruded-aluminum strips with hidden fasteners for securing bed wood in early model trucks. The BedStrips are custom-cut for each specific OEM or custom application and feature a show-polished finish that is clear anodized for durability. BedStrips have previously been offered in just two distinct styles, the “Double-Hump” and the “Speed Bump.” Now BedWood has released a smooth, sleek and clean look named the “Flat Top.” Featuring the same benefits as the other two designs, the Flat Top offers builders a clean unobstructed look for their bed wood. These extruded strips complete the look, fit and finish of any BedWood kit. Aside from improving the look of your wood, the BedStrips will securely align your BedWood kit. The show-quality strips with the hidden fasteners ensure a clean, smooth style that will enhance the bed of any truck. Proudly, all BedStrips are made in America. Bed Wood and Parts was founded in 2006 by Jeff Major, with the fabrication shop and headquarters in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, where craftsman hand shape replacement and custom bed products for trucks and other custom vehicles. You can learn more about Bed Wood and Parts at or by calling 1-877-206-wood (9663)..

Affordable Independent Rear Suspension sells a kit to install a readily available and very affordable mid nineties Ford Thunderbird or Lincoln Mark 8 complete independent rear suspension in your classic truck. You use it all, just the way it came out of the car, no cutting or modifications necessary. You’ll get modern suspension with disc brakes for what you might pay to do a disc brake conversion on your old rear end. has kits to fit ’48-79 Ford trucks, and ’55-59 and ’73-87 Chevy trucks. Complete installation kit is $395, just add the rear end assembly and you are good to go. More applications on the drawing board and custom kits are available as well. Find ’em on the web at, give ’em a call at 321-960-5945 or, email

Speedway Dropped Axle for Classic Ford Pickups

Old Ford pickups never go out of style. The ’48-52 F-1 and ’53-60 F-100 trucks remain some of the most popular vintage haulers among restorers and hot rodders alike. Simple and attractive, these pickups are still plentiful and affordable. Of course, these cool, old, blue-oval haulers look best when they’re riding down in the front, which typically requires installing an expensive independent front suspension. Speedway Motors has an easier solution: high-quality dropped axles for classic Ford pickups. Speedway’s all-new dropped axles make it easy and affordable to give your ’48-60 Ford truck a cool, in-the-weeds stance. They are designed to lower the front suspension approximately 3 inches on ’48-56 trucks, and 2 inches on the ’57-60 models, giving your pickup a much-improved profile without affecting its ride quality. Built with a rugged 2-inch diameter DOM tubing center and CNC-machined billet steel ends, these tough axles accept stock-style kingpins and spindles and are easily installed using the high-quality forged dropped tie rod ends (PN 910-48640) available separately from Speedway Motors. The dropped axle for classic Ford pickups is part of a complete line of vintage truck parts from Speedway Motors, America’s Oldest Speed Shop®, where we make rodding fun and affordable. Call today toll free at 800-979-0122 or visit ‘em online at