Tru-Ram® Big-Block Chevy Exhaust Manifolds

Great News! Speedway Motors has expanded its line of popular Tru-Ram® exhaust manifolds to include big-block Chevy V-8s! Designed and engineered with direct oversight from “Speedy” Bill Smith, Tru-Ram® big-block Chevy manifolds are the most sophisticated and attractive big-block Chevy exhaust enhancers to be developed in decades. Manufactured from high-grade stainless steel, these manifolds give performance enthusiasts a superior alternative to junk cast iron manifolds or noisy, leak-prone tube headers. They tuck tighter against the block than other header designs, allowing much more room for frame and steering clearance. Large, smooth 17⁄8-inch primary ports, combined with 3-inch outlets, result in fantastic flow characteristics and horsepower gains. The cast stainless construction is much better at minimizing noise and retaining heat than tube-style headers. The extra-thick manifold flanges not only eliminate leaks, they also allow the manifolds to be port-matched to the gaskets and cylinder heads if desired. Manifolds are available highly polished or unpolished, and have standard three-bolt header flanges. Gaskets and stainless steel hardware are included with each pair. Tru-Ram® big-block Chevy exhaust manifolds are part of the ever-expanding line of specialty street rod and performance parts available from Speedway Motors. For more info contact ’em at 800-979-0122 or visit ’em online at