Cherry Bomb Performance Exhaust – Builder Kits

New Cherry Bomb Builder Kits are a collection of 45-degree, 90-degree, 180-degree mandrel bends, 4-foot straight tubing, rubber isolated stainless hangers and two braided stainless flex couplers. The Builder Kits are for the do-it-yourself rodder who wants to design his/her own exhaust system. All of the smooth mandrel bends and 16-gauge tubing are aluminized and made in the U.S.A. at our plant in Loudon, TN. Then Cherry Bomb adds rubber isolated stainless hangers and braided stainless flex couplers to the Builder Kits to eliminate vibration noise and cracked welds due to engine flex. Cherry Bomb’s Builder Kits are available in 2-1/4- (PN 300725), 2-1/2- (PN 300726), or 3-inch (PN 300727) and suggested retail is $375. For more info call (866)869-9704 or go to

The MetalAce 44F Imperial English Wheel  

The MetalAce 44F Imperial English Wheel is constructed from a massive casting and features an immense 44-inch throat. It is the toughest English wheel you can buy and provides ample working room for any job. The upper wheel and lower anvils are 3-inches wide with optional 2-inch-wide lower anvils available for smaller jobs. The rigid cast-iron frame provides a very sturdy, vibration free platform for all metal shaping jobs. The screw lift assembly features a quick-release cam that lowers the anvil yoke to change anvils, or remove the work piece. When the handle is rotated back to the operational setting, the original pressure setting is maintained. The lower yoke is also adjustable on both sides of the axle to true the lower anvil to the upper wheel. In addition to all of these great features, the upper wheel and lower anvil can be rotated 90-degrees for larger panels! As with all MetalAce products this USA-made English wheel is something even the most discriminating metal shaper would be proud to display. For more on the MetalAce and lots more quality metalworking tools check out the Van Sant Enterprises website at or give ’em a call at (877)VAN-SANT.