Split-Color Grip Steering Wheels

Split-color front grips, the newest addition to the growing list of options for Con2R custom steering wheels, look as though they could have rolled off a factory line in Detroit back when saying “Fill ’er up” didn’t require a bank loan. Available in eight standard grip colors and an endless array of custom options makes it possible (for the first time) to create your own custom steering wheel with two or more color sections on the face of the grip. Complete with chromed bezels to separate the grip sections, all Con2R steering wheels are built on a chrome-plated steel frame with your choice of spoke pattern, offset, colors, and trim. These wheels have a 15-inch outside diameter and feature a center blow horn button with a standard three-bolt mount pattern. Split-color front grip steering wheels start at $354.95 plus shipping. For more info on these wheels and the complete line of cool Con2R products check out their website at www.con2r.com or give them a call at 503-626-6390.

Flush Gas Doors From Doc’s Kustom

Doc’s Kustom offers several versions of slick, flush-mount gas filler doors, three of which are shown here. Your choices range from rectangular and oval styles with flip-up lids, to the round pop-up style you see in the right foreground. The rectangular and oval styles are available in 51/2- and 61/2-inch lengths, and the round pop-up is 21/2-inches in diameter. They can be ordered with ball-milled grooves or with a smooth finish, and all come fully polished. Prices range from $89.95 to $99.95 for the rectangular and oval type, and up to $119 for the round pop-ups. All Doc’s Kustom parts are made right in their own building—nothing is manufactured overseas. For more info on these cool fuel fillers call ’em at 229-528-4300 or visit ’em at www.docskustom.com.

Kugel’s New Increased Capacity Reservoirs

Kugel Komponents offers new, increased capacity remote-fill reservoirs built from a solid piece of billet aluminum and are available in a single, double, or triple option. Each original reservoir held 1¼ ounces of fluid. The new versions have more than double that capacity; they now hold 2¾ ounces. Reservoirs have threaded outlets on both the back and bottom and can be mounted anywhere above the master cylinder. You no longer need to remove carpets or get under the vehicle to get to the master cylinder, making it a cinch to check brake fluid levels. Remote-fill reservoirs mount to the vehicle by way of four ¼x20 threaded holes and feature new and improved twist on and off caps, vapor barrier with seal, and stainless steel mounting hardware. The reservoirs are available in a plain or polished finish, and remote-fill caps for Corvette master cylinders are also available. Contact Kugel Komponents at 562-691-7006 or on the web at www.kugelkomponents.com.