The rear glass is not laminated; it’s tempered, and tempered glass cannot be cut! Since the back glass is not as tall as the side windows, you might consider chopping the top just enough so the bottom edge of the back glass is at the same level as the side glass. I’d estimate this would be about a 2-inch chop on your truck. If you want to go more than that, you have a few more options. You can “wedge” chop the top, so the rear is cut 2 inches, and the front is cut more. You could also allow the bottom edge of the rear glass to simply be lower than the side glass. This is an unusual look, but it might work for you. Another solution is to fill the entire rear window area with sheetmetal, and fit in a smaller window that is completely flat, rather than the “wraparound” rear window your truck currently has.

While regulations call for safety glass for windshields and side glass, I don’t think the same regulations apply to the rear window (check with your state DMV to be sure), and if permitted, you could conceivably make the rear window from plastic. You should be forewarned, since making a curved plastic window is a fairly involved process—a form needs to be made that the plastic can be draped over, after the plastic has been heated in a large oven.

I do have a good video on chopping and sectioning a pickup truck on my website. It doesn’t cover the glass cutting, but it does cover the metalworking portion quite well. The title is “Chopping and Sectioning.” Write again if you have further questions, and we’re delighted you like the magazine! CT