Protect Your Truck’s Interior with Meguiar’s Ultimate Protectant

For enthusiasts looking to get the ultimate interior protection and shine, Meguiar’s introduces its all-new Ultimate Protectant. Finally, lasting shine and protection for all rubber, vinyl, and plastic surfaces is just a spray away with this superior dash and trim protectant. Meguiar’s Ultimate Protectant outlasts conventional products, delivering unmatched UV protection with long-lasting shine. Ultimate Protectant is ideal to enhance and preserve interior surfaces such as dashboards and door panels, as well as exterior trim, moldings, and tires. Application is easy—just spray on any rubber, vinyl, or plastic surface and work in with a 100 percent cotton terry cloth towel, microfiber towel, or applicator pad for stunning results. It’s that simple to create a rich shine that lasts weeks and weeks. For more information call Meguiar’s at 800-347-5700 or visit ’em at

1960-72 Chevy Pickup Rack-and-Pinion Conversion

Update and upgrade your classic Chevy pickup with Unisteer Performance Products’ new rack-and-pinion system. This new power steering kit is a direct bolt-on unit and greatly improves handling, steering effort, and steering response. All kits come complete with a new power steering pump, hoses, and brackets, as well as all the linkage needed to connect the factory or aftermarket steering column to the new steering gear. This install is so clean it looks like it was made from the factory. For more info on this cool conversion contact Unisteer Performance Products at 800-338-8090 or on the web at

Theft Recovery System for Classic Trucks From AmericanRodsAndRides

Don Freedman, owner and president of, is pleased to announce a new partnership with LoJack Corporation. Through the partnership, fans of will receive a significant discount on a LoJack for Classics stolen vehicle recovery system. According to Freedman, “Our fans place high emotional and financial value on their cars, so we’re thrilled to be able to offer them a savings on the peace of mind that comes with having a LoJack for Classics tracking device in their specialty vehicles.” The LoJack for Classics system is specially designed to meet the unique requirements of specialty vehicle owners. It’s the only stolen vehicle recovery system directly integrated with the police, and leverages LoJack’s newly released self-powered, radio frequency technology. fans pay a one-time fee of only $295 for the LoJack for Classics system, a savings of $400. To take advantage of the special offer, simply call 800-4-LOJACK (800-456-5225) or visit and use the promo code: CCA1AR295. Contact at 888-694-5254 or on the web at

Showwheels From Streeter Wheel

So you want a cool set of wheels that’ll set your classic pickup apart from the rest do ya? Well, Showwheels has what you’re looking for! Pictured here is their Streeter wheel in gray with machined lip. This awesome style wheel is also available in a traditional polished finish. The Streeter wheels are available in 17x7, 17x8, 18x7, 18x8, 18x9, 20x8.5, 20x9.5, and 20x10. They’re also manufactured in nearly all bolt patterns, including 5-on-4, 5-on-4.5, 5-on-4.75, and 5-on-5. Pricing starts at $170 each. For more info on the Streeter wheel line contact Showwheels Incorporated at 714-408-8577 or on the web at

Cool Classic Steering Wheels

Southern Rods & Parts is proud to introduce their awesome new ’40 Ford replica steering wheel. This 15-inch diameter reproduction has both splines for GM columns (Flaming River, ididit, CPP , Etc.) and the keyway for the factory ’40 Ford column. These wheels are fitted with a smooth black horn button at the incredible price of only $219.00, and they’re also available with a good-lookin’ V-8 horn button (pictured) for $10.00 more. For more info on these cool wheels, as well as their full line of classic truck and hot rod wares contact Southern Rods & Parts at 800-787-8763, or visit their website at

1960-72 Chevy/GMC Direct Replacement Chassis

Jim Meyer Racing is proud to present their new custom, jig-built, mandrel-bent, and fabricated direct-replacement ’60-72 GM/GMC pickup chassis. The fantastic foundations offer all the street-performance options you’d ever want in either right- or left-hand drive! And they’ll build ’em your way with any step over the front or rear suspension, any tread width front or rear, or any wheelbase. These chassis feature stock cab mounts, core support mounts, and front bed mounts all in their stock locations. Plus they move the fuel tank out of the cab to the rear of the frame!

The only front and rear adjustable stance 2x4x.120-inch wall chassis in the industry features beefy 2x5-inch main framerails, a new 9-inch rearend (28-, 31-, or 35-spline and any width) with adjustable urethane-bushed four-link, Dutchman alloy axles, adjustable urethane-bushed Panhard rod, aluminum adjustable coilover shocks (front and rear) or optional remote ShockWave air spring system and an adjustable trans crossmember that comes pre-drilled for all GM and aftermarket transmissions. The standard heavy-duty chassis features a 2x4x.188-inch wall box tube, jig-built, front crossmember with 1¼-inch diameter tubular lower A-arms and 1-inch diameter tubular upper A-arms holding GM spindles with 11-inch GM brakes and balljoints to give you a 5-on-4.75 wheel bolt pattern. Optional brakes with a 5-on-5 bolt pattern are available. A Mustang manual or optional power rack-and-pinion handles the steering. The identical IFS shown in the chassis is available as a separate bolt-in unit for ’60-87 pickups. All parts are available separately. And since they build ’em your way, they’re available with any industry option you’d like from Jim Meyer Racing. For more info call ’em at 541-994-7717, or email your questions to

Miller Adds Smoked and Shade 3.0 Lenses to Arc Armor Safety Glasses

Miller Electric has increased the number of its safety glasses offerings with the addition of Smoked and Shade 3.0 lenses to the existing offerings of Clear and Shade 5.0 line of safety glasses. The new safety lenses are available in black, blue, and orange frame colors. The Smoked lenses are ideal for outdoor applications, the Shade 3.0 is ideal for light oxy-fuel or plasma cutting applications. Arc Armor safety glasses are designed for optimal comfort, fit, and durability. Featuring rubber ear pads and form-fitting orbital eye coverage, the safety glasses reduce facial discomfort and pain that can occur after long periods of use. The Arc Armor safety glasses provide outstanding protection features, including shatterproof polycarbonate lenses with an anti-scratch coating and soft foam protection guards that keep out dust and perspiration. The Smoked, Shade 3.0, and Shade 5.0 safety lenses, also feature a reflective outer coating providing ultraviolet protection and enhanced contrast with minimal glare. These new safety glasses also meet the Z87.1 requirements of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for personal eye and face protection devices. For more information on Miller safety glasses and other Arc Armor Welding Protection products, visit

Cool Accessories for Both Yourself and Your Home Shop

It’s summer and that means car show and racing season is in full swing. Are you ready? Check your dresser; we bet those old T-shirts are looking pretty ratty. How about the ’ol grill? Time for a new one, perhaps? Or how about replacing those old folding chairs and tables, stocking up the summer reading library with new books, or just sprucing up the man cave with new signs or artwork? Fortunately, Genuine Hotrod Hardware can help do all of that. So take a minute and do some shoppin’ that’s sure to put a smile on your face at for products that will make your summer positively sizzle!

New Holley LS Hi-Ram Modular Intake System

Holley Performance Products is proud to announce their Hi-Ram intake system for GM’s popular LS engine. The cast-aluminum Modular Hi-Ram intake system fits GM LS3/L92 engines and is touted as a cost effective alternative to a fabricated sheetmetal intake for high-performance applications where induction system height is not limited. The base is a modular design able to accept a wide range of carbureted and EFI tops, and to be attractive to builders and fabricators as the foundation for custom induction systems. There are four tops: a forward-mount throttle body style, dual 4150, dual 4500, and a blank top to machine for any induction style.

The runner length and tapered cross–section are designed to perform well for a wide range of engine configurations, from street to race. The LS Hi-Ram intake system is intended for use on N/A or forced induction engines in the 6.0 to 7.0+ liter range with max power at 7,000-8,000+ rpm. For more information contact Holley Tech Service at 270-781-9741. For your nearest dealer call 800-HOLLEY-1, or visit them on the web at

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