Meguiar’s Solutions For Long-Lasting Tire Care

Endurance has long been known as the classic truck guy’s tire product for providing unparalleled durability and shine. As part of its 2011 product lineup, Meguiar’s has converted its popular Endurance gel into spray and aerosol formulas—each providing premium long-lasting protection with a glossy shine and durability that lasts weeks, not just days. Meguiar’s Endurance products are created with the consumer in mind, offering what the consumer expects from Endurance–a high-gloss shine and durable tire dressing in the format they prefer. These advanced products last through both rain and repeated washing with an all-new formula that bonds directly to the tire. After application, the new Meguiar’s Endurance aerosol and spray products are dry to the touch in just minutes. Created in three separate formulations for unmatched convenience, Meguiar’s manufactures Endurance in a variety of delivery methods to best suit every user’s needs.

The preferred choice of automotive enthusiast’s everywhere, Meguiar’s Endurance products carry the same iconic grape scent they are known for, while still maintaining the ultimate durability in tire care. For in-depth product information and more call Meguiar’s at 800-347-5700 or visit

A Turn for the Better

Discover the safety of added turn signal visibility with Watson’s new Flush Mount Amber Front Light and Red Marker Lights in a larger size. The amber lights have 12 super-bright LEDs that are split 4-4-4 so it can be used as a single solid light or as both turn and park, or with additional parts as a sequential signal or alternate light flashing with their ALF modules. The red light has 15 super-bright LEDs, and both kits have clear lenses with a diffuser that is ½-inch thick and 4¼-inches long and ½-inch wide. Dual intensity convertors, installation hardware, and instructions are included. For more info contact Watson’s StreetWorks at 860-859-0513, or on the web at

PA AOD and 4R70W Pro Pumps

Performance Automatic has added two new “Pro Pumps” to their extensive line of transmissions and components. With the ever-growing popularity of the Ford AOD and 4R70W transmissions, Performance Automatic felt the need to release its AOD Pro Pump, PA53436, and the 4R70W Pro Pump, PA45436, to the performance-minded. Starting with the best cores, Performance Automatic checks for proper pump bushing centerline. The pump gear pocket is examined for correct depth and the pump gears are sized to Performance Automatic specs. The stator housing is reconditioned and machined for a thrust bearing. This eliminates the plastic washer that often fails due to excessive rpms. Modified stator rings are installed as well as a new pump O-ring and gasket. These Pro Pumps are direct replacement parts complete with roller bearings suitable for any rebuild. PA53436 AOD Pro Pump fits all AOD transmissions up to 1993. The PA45436 AODE/4R70W Pro Pump fits all AODE and 4R70W transmissions from 1994 to 2004. To find out more, please visit

Boom Mat Introduces Leather Look Sound Barrier

Boom Mat, a division of Design Engineering, Inc. (DEI) and a leading brand of automotive performance acoustical and thermal insulation, creates products that merge form and function. Their new Leather Look Sound Barrier is an ideal way to reduce noise and have a premium leather appearance. Available in moisture-resistant black leather embossed material, this product was designed for insulating trunks, door panels, floors, speaker boxes, and package shelves–any interior area of a vehicle where a leather appearance would provide a finishing touch. Function is equally important and Boom Mat claims Leather Look Sound Barrier significantly reduces incoming sounds caused by outside noise and troublesome rattles or squeaks while providing a level of thermal insulation that lessens the transfer of heat and cold in any climate. Now available in three sizes: 24x48 inch (8 sq. ft.), 48x48 inch (16 sq. ft.), and 48-inch widths sold by the linear foot. Part numbers respectively are: 050120, 050121, and 050122. For more information on Boom Mat’s Leather Look Sound Barrier visit For technical assistance on this and other Boom Mat acoustic performance product products, call toll free at 800-264-9472 or e-mail:

Speedway Motors’ Bolt-In IFS

Declare your independence from outdated buggy-spring front suspensions with the new Bolt-In IFS Crossmember for ’35-40 Fords from Speedway Motors. Speedway Motors’ new crossmember allows the average enthusiast to install a proven Mustang II-style independent front suspension using only basic handtools. The innovative crossmember design employs interlocking boxing plates to support the framerails from the inside, distributing the load and providing the ultimate in strength and rigidity. Mounting bolts pass through both the frame and boxing plates, tying all the components together into a reinforced assembly that will not twist or flex. Installation can easily be completed in a weekend using little more than a socket and wrench set, jack stands, hand drill, tape measure, and a few clamps. No welding or specialized fabrication skills are required. Once installed, the adjustable upper spring seats allow precise tuning of the vehicle’s ride height. Optional bolt-in engine mounts (available for small-block and LS Chevy, or small-block Ford V8s) make engine upgrades easy, too. The Bolt-In IFS Crossmember for ’35-40 Fords is part of an ever-expanding line of specialty street rod, muscle car, and classic truck products from Speedway Motors, America’s Oldest Speed Shop. Call today toll free at 800-979-0122 or visit

S-Drive Billet Serpentine Pulley Systems

Eddie Motorsports has recently introduced their new line of S-Drive billet aluminum serpentine pulley systems. The compact S-Drive features pulleys and mounting brackets that are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and are available for LS, big-block, and small-block Chevrolet engines. The kits are available in configurations with or without power steering and/or air conditioning. The S-Drive pulley systems include all of the necessary pulleys—in billet aluminum—and stainless steel fasteners, as well as the highest quality, name-brand components including Edelbrock water pump, Powermaster 105-amp alternator, Gates tensioner, and six-rib serpentine belt. Sanden A/C compressor, Maval P/S pump, and ATI dampers (LS engines only) are also included where applicable.

Eddie Motorsports billet aluminum S-Drive pulley systems are a great complement to their line of billet aluminum accessories and engine dress-up parts. For more info contact Eddie Motorsports at 888-813-1293 or on the web at

Turn Signals Made Easy

Hotronics ensures you never forget to turn off your signals with the new “Full-Feature” Self Canceling Turn Signal system. Compact electronics work on adjustable time programs. When the program ends, the light stops flashing. Adjustable from 20 seconds to a maximum of 2 minutes, the kit comes in your choice of toggle or pushbutton activation. The system requires no relays and they come completely pre-wired with flasher, fuses, and switches for a fast, easy installation, plus they are compatible with all 12-volt negative-ground vehicles and work both bulbs and LEDs. Full-Feature turn signal systems are designed for early cars and trucks that do not have turn signals in the column. They work front, dash, and rear signals and have built-in brake circuit separation, side to side cancelation, emergency four-way flashers and also have a manual override for lane changes, all at a cost much less than that of a new column. Quick, reliable, easy to install, and made in USA! For more info on this and the complete array of Hotronics products call ’em at 714-971-8543.

Positive Protection with Express Sleeves

Thermo-Tec’s new Express Sleeves are exactly what customers have been looking for in terms of heat protection and improved performance for a variety of wires, hoses, and/or cables. The new, easy-to-use sleeving combines a high-temperature insulation material and a highly reflective mylar foil with a Velcro closure. The sleeving is designed to provide maximum protection for wires, hoses, and cables from the very damaging effects of radiant heat. Simply pull apart the material, wrap around the component, and reclose the sleeving. Express Sleeves reflect over 90 percent of radiant heat, is fireproof and fire resistant, and just looks good. Express Sleeves come in two diameters, ½- and 1½-inch, and come in 3-, 12-, and 50-inch lengths. Call Thermo-Tec for details at 800-274-8437 or visit their website at

New Made To Fit 1973-77 Ford Truck Steering Columns

ididit introduces the newest addition to their Ford truck Retrofit Made To Fit line of steering columns. The all-new floor shift, Ford top shaft, and Ford switch steering columns for ’73-77 Ford trucks are now ready to be installed! These columns are a direct bolt-in application and will connect either to your stock box or a rack-and-pinion. Standard features of these ’73-77 all-Ford steering columns include eight-position tilt, Ford top shaft so you can attach your stock Ford steering wheel, Ford switch and era-specific knobs and handles to match the originals, and are 100 percent American-made. Available finishes include paintable steel, chrome, and black powdercoat. Don’t let your ’73-77 Ford truck go without one of these Made To Fit steering columns! For more information visit or call 517-424-0577.

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