PerTronix Power Relay Kit

Most Mopar, Ford, and pre-’74 GM vehicles are equipped with OE resistor ignition feed wires. PerTronix Ignitor II and III ignition systems require a full 12-volt power connection between the ignition switch and the positive coil terminal, which requires bypassing the ballast resistor or resistor wire, and in many cases, the original resistor wire is buried in the vehicle’s wiring harness. Adding a PerTronix power relay will eliminate digging through the wiring harness and replacing wires. This 30-amp relay kit can also be used with the original Ignitor conversion kits or to power accessories as well. In addition to its easy installation, other benefits are minimizing voltage spikes by isolating the ignition power source from other high-current equipment and providing consistent full battery voltage. No more voltage fluctuations from overloaded or worn-out ignition switches, corroded connectors and wires, it’s a universal design that works with most battery ignition systems, and its small size keeps your truck’s engine bay looking stock. Please contact your local performance part retailer or PerTronix customer service for a catalog and the name of your local dealer at or at 909-599-5955.

SBF High-Volume Electric Water Pump

Proform/Specialty Auto Parts has added this durable and lightweight cast aluminum electric water pump (PN 68220B) to their ever-growing line of quality Ford products. The pump is available in red, black, chrome, polished, or blue (as show here). An epoxy powdercoating is applied for corrosion protection and underhood styling. This all-new small-block Ford water pump features a dependable 12-volt electric motor, which draws only 6-amps and pumps up to 35 gallons per minute, and is capable of cooling almost any size engine. It’s easy to install, and removes the horsepower-robbing parasitic drag on the engine, created by a belt-driven water pump. These Proform Ford water pumps are a huge value and are completely ready to install out of the box. Visit to preview their complete line of Ford engine dress-up items, internal and external engine performance parts, and their extensive line of inexpensive engine tools.

Prismatic Powders Announces Video Release

Prismatic Powders is pleased to announce the release of a six-part video series. The video series includes an introduction to Prismatic Powders along with five powdercoating product videos. Each product video focuses on finishes that enhance or expand a custom powdercoaters array of finishes. You may view the video series on Prismatic Powders YouTube channel or visit their website at

Full-Pressure Brake Fittings from Art Morrison

To cure the all-too-common problem of “spongy” brakes, noted chassis builder Art Morrison Enterprises has developed a special through-frame fitting that eliminates any fluid air pockets that can occur with other designs. These fittings can be employed by builders of street rods, race cars, custom trucks, and restomod vehicles where aftermarket brake systems are typically used.

CNC-machined from stainless steel billet material at Morrison’s Fife, WA, facility, they can be used with any framerail up to 2 inches in width. Designed to accommodate standard AN –3 brake lines (male fitting on one end, female on the other), the AME Full-Pressure Fittings can be retrofitted to most any existing hydraulic brake system. The new fittings have been incorporated into the complete brake line kits that Morrison offers for its various GT-Sport chassis, and are also available individually or in pairs. For additional information call AME’s tech team at 800-929-7188, or go online at to also pick up the firm’s 40th anniversary catalog.

Edelbrock’s Official Car Care Line

International AERO Products has announced that its line of car care products has been endorsed by Vic Edelbrock, Jr. and Edelbrock, one of the most legendary and revered performance parts manufacturers in the automotive aftermarket. This strategic partnership makes AERO the official surface care company for Edelbrock and Edelbrock Racing. “I’m pleased and excited to endorse AERO as the official Edelbrock car care line,” said Vic Edelbrock, Jr., chairman of Edelbrock. “Every vehicle we own—from our transporters to our race cars and my personal daily driver—has to be spotless. It’s part of our mission to be the absolute best in the business.”

International AERO—one of the world’s largest private aircraft detailing companies—has been detailing jet fleets for corporate, VIP, and head of state flight departments for nearly 30 years at locations around the world. Now the same products that AERO developed to detail the fastest and most expensive aircraft in the world are available for your car. The Edelbrock endorsement came about after the seminal performance parts manufacturer tested AERO products on its in-house race cars and R&D vehicles. The results were astounding, and now every bottle of AERO will wear the famous red Edelbrock badge. For more info on this great new line of truck/car care products contact Edelbrock at 310-781-2222 or at