On the way into work I was thinking about gas prices here in California, which average about $4.20 a gallon, with premium about 20 cents higher. Let’s just say the average classic truck guy drives 5,000 miles per year with premium gas at $4.40 a gallon and gets an average of 12 miles per gallon while running a carb that is way too rich. This means that the fuel cost is $1,833 per year. Now, if you pick up just a few mpg, say from 12 to 16 you can cut that fuel cost down to $1,375 per year. Now, I can’t say what your fuel mileage can or can’t be because there are just way too many factors that come into play, like how heavy your right foot is or the condition of your motor, but more than likely you should be able to pick up some mpg savings at the pump.

One of the cool things we are able to show with this swap is that during a single day my 383 motor (“Junkyard Heap,” Jul. & Aug. ’11) was first dynoed with a tuned 750-cfm carb and then dynoed again after the EZ-EFI was swapped on. The motor with the carb did very well, with an output of 454.6 hp and 481 lb-ft of torque. We ran the motor on Westech Performance’s Super Flow dyno, which has the ability to change the coolant temp using the giant water tank just outside the dyno room. For the motor with the carb we ran at 130 degrees, but when we swapped to the EZ-EFI the ECU didn’t want to go into closed loop until 170 degrees. This meant that the system didn’t want to fine-tune until then. With the increased coolant temp we expected to lose a lot of power, but after the EZ-EFI went through the tuning process we only dropped 5 hp and 5 lb-ft. My personal opinion is that we could have improved the overall dyno numbers by running the motor in different parameters to help the computer learn different fuel calibrations that could have made numbers better than what we achieved with the carb. Driving the FAST EZ-EFI in more than one condition will enable the system to continuously learn and fine-tune itself for optimal performance. I was highly impressed with the dyno numbers and can’t wait to see what this system does once the engine is installed in the truck. CT

Parts List

• FAST EZ-EFI Master Kit PN# 30227-kit

Westech Performance
11098 Venture Drive
Unit C
Mira Loma
CA  91752
Fuel Air Spark Technology
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TN  38118
No Limit Engineering
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