Now Why Didn’t We Think of This?

Aerosol cans that come with straws are great for spray-accuracy, but what happens when you lose that straw? Well, thanks to a neat product called Hold-It, you will never lose that little red straw again! A Hold-It is a one-piece component used to secure your straw to an aerosol can. It’s made of an extremely durable rubber/elastic polymer, and therefore stretches to fit just about any size can. Take a minute and order a couple—they’ll save ya both time and aggravation! Place an order at or by phone at 281-440-1655.

Awesome Instruments

Classic Instruments is proud to announce the recent unveiling of the V8 Speedster Series of instruments. This set, designed by renowned automotive designer Tom Gale, has a unique dial face executed with the perfect combination of aesthetics and techniques. The emblematic V8 badge on the face of the gauge embraces the American hot rod heritage. With the accentuating chrome pointers and etched indices, these gauges represent the timeless quality that Classic Instruments strives for and consistently achieves. Classic Instruments is proud to produce this instrument that is exceptional, exclusive, and extraordinary, just like you and your classic truck. For more info on the new V8 Speedsters or the complete line of Classic Instruments’ wares contact ’em at 800-575-0461 or check out their website at

PA’s 200-4R Street Smart Package

Performance Automatic wants to “Overdrive Your Ride” with their “Guaranteed Forever” 200-4R Street Smart Package. Dyno tested and ready to bolt in, this 200-4R Stage II transmission is capable of handling up to 400 horsepower. Expertly assembled using Alto Red Eagle clutches and bands, plus they add a rebuilt pump and modify the valvebody’s shift characteristics and finish it off with a deep aluminum pan, too! The PN PA20104, 200-4R Street Smart Package includes their Stage II transmission, 2,200–2,400-stall converter, new trans mount, throttle cable kit, dipstick, and filler tube. Lifetime warranty included! The 200-4R fits easily into almost any classic pickup, street rod, or muscle car. This is a great upgrade from any TH350 and you get Overdrive—smart, real smart. Performance Automatic is a leader in performance transmission technology. Their expertise and innovative products are recognized nationally. To find out more, please visit

Juliano’s Hi-Tech Woodgraining

There’s something about a woodgrain dash that no other finish can match for sheer elegance and beauty. It traditionally required hours of tedious work, and you pay dearly for it. Thankfully, it’s the 21st century, and Juliano’s offers woodgraining by a process known as hydographics—which translates into a fast turnaround time and a lower price. The process is a modern, state-of the-art technique that re-creates the same old-world finishes we love. There’s an infinite range of color possibilities in yellow, tan, red, and brown wood tones, in every traditional woodgrain style, such as oak, burl, birdseye maple, rosewood, walnut, cherry, etc. Turnaround time is days, not months, and large pieces are not a problem. Juliano’s can woodgrain virtually any kind of part made of any material, including steering wheels and all types of large trim panels. Call Juliano’s at 860-872-1932, or visit them on the web at

Billet Exhaust Hangers from Deeds Engineering

These beautiful new hangers provide the exhaust industry with a new, long awaited option for mounting exhaust systems. The billet aluminum construction translates to a solid, tough product while the soft, high-temp bushing dampens exhaust vibration to your truck’s chassis. Stainless steel hardware holds everything together for a high-quality package. They’re available for 2¼-, 2½-, and 3-inch exhaust tubing sizes, and all of ’em are offered in a natural machined or a hand-polished finish. The hangers use an aluminum body to clamp around the exhaust tubing and a sleeve through the bushing is used to bolt the hanger to your chassis or a bracket. These hangers are perfect for anyone who requires a high-tech machined look, and also doesn’t want to cut, grind, or weld on their finished chassis to mount their exhaust system. For info on these hangers, or the complete line of cool Deeds products, contact Deeds Engineering at 818-842-2500, or on the web at