LS1 Performance Converters

Phoenix Transmission Products introduces PN PTGM300/245, a new 245mm lockup torque converter for vehicles using the LS series engine and 4L60E transmission. This torque converter is available in stall speeds, ranging from 2,800 to as much as 4,000 rpm and features an antiballoon hub, furnace-brazed cover TIG-reinforced fins, Torrington bearings, and a lockup clutch that has an even greater apply area than the fullsized 300mm unit it replaces. This converter weighs over 10 pounds less than the stock converter, which means less weight on the crank and a quicker revving engine. Like all Phoenix Transmission converters, this unit is built to order for the perfect stall speed match for your application and is computer balanced. For more info on this and the complete Phoenix Transmission Products line of classic truck transmissions and components, contact ’em at 817-599-7680 or on the web at

Vintage Wiring Kits

For classic truckers, hot rodders, and restorers who are looking for a do-it-yourself wiring kit that has that old-school vintage look. Sacramento Vintage Ford offers Vintage basic hot rod wiring kits, which include just about everything you would need to rewire your hot rod car or truck. Kits include ’40s-style black fabric-covered wire loom with a double red tracer just like the original harnesses. They also include Vintage cloth-covered wire in 10-, 12-, and 14-gauge for headlight, parking light, taillight, brake light, turn signal and flasher, dash, gauges, one-wire alternator charging system, ignition, and horn, as well as Vintage-style wire terminals. A simplified, easy-to-read instruction booklet is also included. Vintage-style cloth wire looms and cloth-covered wire and terminals are also available separately. For the scoop on these way-cool wiring kits, contact Sacramento Vintage Ford at 916-853-2244 or check out all their cool classic truck and car goodies at

New ’34-36 Chevrolet Pickup Chassis

Superior Glass Works has added the ’34-36 Chevrolet pickup truck chassis to its broad line of street rod and truck chassis. This generation of Chevy pickup shares the classic lines of the popular mid-’30s Chevy cars and is getting increasingly popular with enthusiasts. Like most old trucks, their chassis can show considerable wear after all these years. Superior offers a safe, strong, and good-looking chassis built to Chevy’s original specs that will accept original sheetmetal and reproduction fiberglass body parts. With its heavy-gauge, fully boxed ’rails and stout crossmembers, this new chassis will perform exceptionally well under a modern hot rod pickup. The complete rolling chassis is equipped with a Mustang II IFS and custom, lowered leaf springs, but the full range of suspension components from the leading manufacturers in the industry are available for your custom build. Superior Glass Works has decades of experience building street rod chassis, including those for most ’31-53 Chevy and Ford cars and trucks. In addition to this chassis, Superior Glass Works also manufactures fiberglass front fenders, rear fenders, 2-inch-wider rear fenders, grille shells, and running boards for the ’34-36 Chevy trucks as well as for all Chevy cars and trucks from the ’30s and ’40s. More information about the new Chevrolet chassis and other products mentioned is available at or by calling 888-731-7670.