Prevent Rust

RPM stands for Rust Prevention Magic. This new waxlike product is easy to apply and will protect bare metal from rusting. It will not reverse rust or remove it, so you need to sandblast or glass bead any rusty parts clean first. You apply it by heating the clean part up to 120 degrees using a hair blow dryer or heat gun. Then, you brush the RPM on with a (cheap) paintbrush. The substance melts as it is brushed onto the hot part. It gets into the pores of the metal and prevents rust from forming. Wipe the excess RPM off with a towel or paper towel, and let it come back to room temperature and dry. RPM dries to an invisible barrier that prevents rust from forming. Examples of things you can coat are cast-iron brake rotors/drums (do not coat the brake shoe contact areas), suspension components like spindles/control arms/tie rods, driveshafts, metal brackets, and even exhaust pipes. No longer do you have to use cast blast paint on your parts to protect them; it’s just $35 for an 8-ounce tub. Grab yours from Chevs of the 40’s, the world’s most complete supplier of ’37-54 Chevrolet car and truck parts. Call ’em toll-free at 800-952-0587 or visit ’em on the web at

Stiff Arm Lap Belts From Juliano’s

Nobody wants their seatbelts falling out the door every time they get out of the truck, so Juliano’s offers a simple solution to the problem. Now you can get this stiff arm lap belt, just like OEMs use.

This design is ideal for any vehicle without adequate room for bulky rewind housings. The 13-inch rigid arm comes with a 61-inch-long adjustable belt, and the total length is 74 inches. They’re made exactly like OEM equipment so they look right at home in any classic pickup. The belts meet all FVSS specifications, and the price is just $29.95 per passenger. Call Juliano’s at 860-872-1932, or visit them on the web at

Dashpads for Dodge Ram Trucks

Finally, there is a permanent option to rid your 1998-2002 Ram of its unsightly cracked dash! This new replacement dashpad, developed exclusively by LMC Truck, uses improved thermoplastic compounds for strength and durability to prevent cracking. The dashpad is textured and color coordinated to match existing interior components with no painting necessary, saving you time and providing a fresh from the factory look. It comes complete with the A-pillar seals and color-matched defrost vents preinstalled. It features preattached antisqueak felt pads like the original and incorporates all mounting points on the underside of the dash to attach your OE air distribution ducts. No trimming or modifications are required for the installation. For $199.95, this is the economical solution to your cracked dash problem.

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