Mast's Revolutionary LS Conversion Oil Pan
Swapping an LS engine into your favorite classic truck or hot rod just got much easier thanks to the new revolutionary LS conversion oil pan from Mast Motorsports. Like other Mast Motorsports LS products, the engineers at Mast Motorsports took a clean-sheet approach. The result is with the first OEM-quality aftermarket LS oil pan that fits without compromise. Like the OEM LS oil pan, Mast's LS conversion oil pan is manufactured from rugged cast aluminum, and a thick pan rail maintains the oil pan as a stressed member. The short front pan depth and optimum sump depth balance oil capacity while fitting virtually any chassis. The factory pan gasket and oil filter are utilized for a perfect seal and ease of service. Another OEM-quality feature: The production GM pressure-relief valve bypass built into pan. Pro Touring and racing fans will love the fact that the Mast LS conversion oil pan is cored and baffled for excellent oil control. Also, "cast-in" clearance fits aftermarket or Mast short stroker windage trays. Innovative oiling circuitry with -10AN fittings eliminates the need for expensive adapters for remote oil coolers and filters. Additional fitment features include driver-side oil drain, rear -6AN port for optional oil pressure gauge tap, oil pickup to fit almost any stroke, enlarged oil passage holes for reduced oil pressure losses, and internal cross drill eliminate external oil loop cap when using standard oil filters. For more information about these universally designed LS conversion oil pans, contact Chris Durrett at 936-560-2218, ext.14, email, or log on to

Universal Power Window Conversion Kit
Performance Online now offers a power window conversion kit for virtually any vehicle on the market. POL's unique cable design allows you to mount the window motor almost anywhere in the door. The latest in POL's new product line, this unique setup uses the original window regulator. The mechanism is designed to withstand over 6.5 pounds at a distance of nearly 3 inches from the center of the regulator. This effort is enough for most vehicles and provides a nice, smooth operation. These kits are available in two- and four-door configurations, and retain the original window handle (if desired) for that unique retro look. To ensure your advantage, call 800-638-1703 or visit

Deeds Engineering V-Band Transition Kit
These cool new V-band kits are a unique and smart solution to your exhaust connection needs. With this newly developed transition-style V-band kit you can join two different-sized tubes together in one clean, smooth transition and also use the advantages of the standard V-band union, allowing for quick connection and disconnection without the use of gaskets or sealants. These new flanges also retain a machined registration pattern to duplicate your connection accurately for proper exhaust flow and detailed placement. All flanges are CNC-machined from 1018 cold finish steel and are coated in high-luster, weld-through plating resulting in a stainless-like appearance, and use two weld-on flanges and one clamp to create a gasket-free exhaust union with a clean, uncluttered look. One flange is welded to each end of the tubes you wish to join together. The tapered geometry of the flanges allows the corresponding clamp to apply even pressure pushing the flanges together to produce a solid seal that can be removed and reused without distortion. These are perfect to join together header collectors to exhaust systems, exhaust system to oversized tailpipes, and general conversions from one size tube to another. For more info, contact Deeds Engineering at 818-842-2500 or