Kugel Shock Mock-Ups
Kugel Komponents has developed an adjustable tool designed to set ride height and maintain ride height during fabrication and assembly of your project truck. These "Shock Mock-Ups" offer ultimate usability and are great for use in place of coilover or standard shocks. They are quality built from precision laser-cut steel and silver zinc-plated to last for years. No more mismatched pieces of scrap metal. Mock-Ups feature mounting holes at both ends to handle either 1/2- or 5/8-inch bolts. The combined hole spacing allows adjustments at 1/4-inch increments and use a clevis pin and spring clip for easy adjustment operation. Shock Mock-Ups are available in three sizes: short (7 1/2 to 12 1/2 inches), medium (9 1/4 to 14 3/4 inches), and long (12 to 16 3/4 inches) to handle your ride height requirements. They are sold as a pair and are in stock for immediate delivery. Kugel has over 40 years of automotive experience and offers complete independent front and rearend systems as well as other products to meet your suspension needs. For more info, contact Kugel Komponents at 562-691-7006 or on the web at www.kugelkomponents.com.

Trick Flow Top End Kits For GM 5.3L LS-Powered Trucks
Trick Flow has taken its proven formula for creating complete top end kits for GM LS engines-the same formula that helped make up to 515 hp on a stock GM 5.7L LS1 short-block-and developed a potent top end kit for GM 5.3L LS-powered trucks. When tested on a GMPP LS327 short-block, this new Trick Flow GenX top end engine kit for GM LS trucks made 455 hp and 425 lb-ft of torque.

The kit takes the guesswork out of buying top end components by bringing together performance-matched components in one complete, power-building package. It includes a pair of GenX 205 cylinder heads (TFS-30500001-C00), a hydraulic roller camshaft (TFS-30602001), heat-treated chrome-moly pushrods (TFS-21407500), Harland Sharp roller rocker arms, and GMPP head and exhaust gaskets and bolts-everything needed to add 50-70 hp at the rear wheels. For info on this new kit, as well as the company's countless performance products, contact 'em at 330-630-1555, or visit their website at www.trickflow.com.

Now Available From LMC Truck ...
A wide variety of parts and accessories for '07-10 Chevy/GMC trucks and SUVs are now available. Items up to and including inside and outside door handles, window regulators, door edge guard sets, front and rear bumpers, steel cowl induction hoods, custom and stock grilles, lighting, door mirrors, emblems, truck covers, exterior and interior accessories, and much more. LMC Truck offers 20 free, illustrated, full-line parts and accessories catalogs for Chevy, GMC, Ford, and Dodge Ram trucks and SUVs. These catalogs make it easy to repair or restore your '47-10 Chevrolet and GMC truck and SUV, '48-08 Ford truck and SUV, or '94-08 Dodge Ram truck and Dakota. The catalog illustrations are detailed and in a schematic format so you can get the job done right. LMC Truck stocks over 30,000 parts so you can get what you need, when you need it. Ordering is simple by phone, mail, fax, or online at the secure website. LMC Truck is the world's largest truck and SUV parts source for Chevrolet/GMC, Ford, and Dodge Ram pickups. An established company supplying automotive parts for over 25 years, LMC Truck is here to help you restore or repair your truck or SUV. For more information or to order a catalog, visit their website www.lmctruck.com or call 800-LMC-TRUCK (800-562-8782).