Summit Racing Gauge Panels
Summit Racing Equipment offers an easier and more affordable way for hot rodders to transform their dashboards: Summit Racing Universal Digital Gauge Panels. Available in five- or six-gauge versions, the panels measure 111/4 by 3 by 3/4 inches and display speed (0-300 mph), volts (8-18 V), oil pressure (10-100 psi), water temperature (100-300°F), and fuel level (0-100 percent). The six-gauge panel has a 0-9,999-rpm tachometer. All panels include turn signal indicator, high beam indicator, and an odometer in bold red LED numerals on a smooth black surface. The American-made panel can also display 0-60 times, a trip odometer, quarter-mile e.t.'s, and top speed, plus the speedometer can be calibrated with just one button. They even come with detailed instructions, plus necessary senders (the fuel gauge is compatible with most stock senders). For more product and pricing information, visit or place orders by calling Summit Racing's toll-free order line at 800-230-3030.

Speedway Motors Metalflake Wheels
Make a turn toward cool '60s styling with these colorful Metalflake Steering Wheels from Speedway Motors. These high-quality Metalflake Steering Wheels will add sparkle and nostalgia to the cabin of any classic truck, street rod, or street machine. The classic three-spoke design features three stylish lightening holes in each spoke and brilliant chrome plating. The easy-grip vinyl rims are available in vibrant red, blue, green, and silver hues, each with sparkling metalflake molded into the durable grip material. Three sizes are available: 9.75-inch diameter with a 5.5-inch dish; 11.5-inch diameter with a 4-inch dish; and 13-inch diameter with a 3.5-inch dish. All styles have a common three-bolt mounting pattern that will fit directly on a Speedway Motors Hot Rod Column, or most other columns using an adapter. Metalflake Steering Wheels are part of the ever-expanding line of specialty street rod parts and accessories available from Speedway Motors, America's Oldest Speed Shop, where they've made street rodding safe, fun, and affordable for nearly 60 years. Call toll-free at 800-979-0122 or visit 'em online at

Classic Connection
Classic Performance Product has introduced new nickel-plated steering U-joints. The U-joints are CNC-machined and precision-broached for a perfect fit to connect your steering column's base to your steering box or gearbox. The U-joints come in various popular sizes and will work up to a 30-degree angle in case you have a tight area to work with. For further info, call 714-522-2000 or visit their website at

Banjo Door Handles, Window, and Vent Window Cranks
Trique's banjo handles and cranks are laser cut from stainless steel and feature fully positionable handles. Three types of mounting options are available to choose from (7/16-inch splined, 1/2-inch splined, and 3/8-inch square) to ensure they've got your project covered. Screw caps are magnetic to avoid marring the part with a screwdriver should you ever need to remove them. The handles come fully polished or with black anodized caps, bases, and window knobs. For more info on these cool cranks and the complete Trique Manufacturing line of custom parts, contact 'em at 866-987-4783 or check out their website at

Wilwood Bench Bleeder Kits
Enthusiasts know that Wilwood Engineering makes some of the best master cylinders for street and racing endeavors. Installing a master cylinder is generally an easy mechanical accomplishment, with the most difficult part being bench bleeding the unit. Without the correct parts to do the job properly, bench bleeding can be a messy and wasteful chore that even the most accomplished mechanic really doesn't like to do. It can even be a dangerous situation in a small garage where the brake fluid spray can end up ruining the paint finish on your specialty vehicle. Wilwood is well aware of problems associated with the bench bleeding process; so in order to make the job much easier, all nonremote Wilwood tandem master cylinders (one pushrod, two outlets) are now delivered with a bench bleeder kit. The kit comes with several nylon brake fittings that can be screwed into the master cylinder ports. The fittings have a connection for a section of plastic hose that can be directed back into the master cylinder when the bleeding process is being done. By directing the brake fluid back into the master cylinder where it belongs, the mess and waste is no longer a problem. This bleeder system can be used and adapted to many other master cylinders so the kit, PN 260-11593, can also be purchased separately. For more information about Wilwood master cylinders or the bleeder kit, contact your Wilwood dealer or call Wilwood Engineering direct at 805-388-1188 or visit their website at