Run Safe
Be safe and be seen with Watson's HotSlot bright white LED running lights. Three superbright white LEDs per light pop into holes inside an aluminum housing that is 1/2-inch thick. The 1/2-inch-thick built-in clear acrylic lens is 1/2-inch wide x 13/4-inch long and is intended to be bodyworked to be flush with the adjacent surface and clearcoated over. Mounting hardware and detailed installation instructions are included. It's also available with five bright white LEDs for use as a backup light. For more info on the cool new HotSlot and the company's complete line of cool classic truck/street rod accessories, contact Watson's StreetWorks at 860-859-0513 or on the web at

HTP America Expands
HTP America has moved to Elk Grove Village, Illinois. The new location provides twice as much space for warehouse operations, product development, and customer service teams. The new 180 Joey Dr. address also gives them a dedicated training area for their MIG and TIG school classes. For more information on their move, a welding class schedule, to place an order, or to receive their free catalog, contact HTP America at 1-800-USA-WELD, on the web at, or email

HTP America is a single source for a complete lineup of MIG and TIG welders, plasma cutters, and welding helmets. The company also provides a wide selection of autobody and metalworking tools, and welding accessories and supplies, such as welding wire, welding guns, and parts. HTP equipment is used by top competitive teams in most popular racing series, professional truck and hot rod builders, and yours truly-magazine editor and wannabe truck builder.

Shiny Solution
Need a shiny solution to your tailgate chain problem? Try stainless link assemblies. Mar-K now makes stainless link assemblies, which are used in custom applications for replacing old tailgate chains. Available for GM '54-87 Stepsides, each pair includes links, upper and lower pivots, and installation hardware. Instructions are also included. This kit requires modification to the bedsides and tailgate. These stainless link assemblies are made by Mar-K in Oklahoma City. Mar-K makes a wide assortment of restoration and custom parts for GM trucks, fullsize, or mini. For further information, contact Mar-K Quality Parts at 405-721-7945 or visit their website at

The newest addition to the Boze Forged wheel lineup is the new ZE forged Apex multispoke design (shown here in two-tone brushed satin center with brushed rim area). This stylish and lightweight wheel provides the ultimate in performance enhancement and an elegant curb appeal to your classic truck or hot rod. Accented with precise ball mill cuts at each spoke, the Apex design has a bold, detailed machine look. Constructed in both two- and three-piece configurations from the finest 6061-T6 forged aluminum. Designed to fit big brake kits and available in 18- to 24-inch diameters with a variety of finish options, such as two-tone brushed satin, chrome, powdercoated colors and a high-luster polish. All wheels are made with pride in the USA. Visit for details.