Cool Covers
Chevy and Ford pickup owners can now upgrade their valve covers for less with bitchin Summit Racing Die-Cast Logo Valve Covers. Available in hot orange or old-school black, the standard small- and big-block Chevy valve covers feature the popular Bow Tie emblem and lettering, while the Chevy 383 valve covers are emblazoned with "383 Stroker". The standard small Ford valve covers feature a classic finned design; the Ford 347 valve covers come in polished, black, or blue and have a "347 C.I. Stroker" logo.

Summit Racing Die-Cast Logo Valve Covers are crafted in the USA from high-grade aluminum that will clear most roller rockers, and they feature installed oil baffles. For more information on Summit Racing Die-Cast Logo Valve Covers, customers can call 800-230-3030 or visit

Super System
Designed for performance application for the popular LS1, LS2, and LS7 engines, March Performance's lightweight, extra strength, race-proven Pro-Track LS1 pulley systems are just the thing for mounting accessory components on the popular LS motors when used in classic truck, hot rod, and street rod applications. The LS1 system is a precision CNC serpentine belt assembly machined from 6061-T6 aluminum for strength and perfect fit that's hard coated on high wear areas for durability. An OEM-style tensioner ensures perfect belt tension and a canister-style power steering pump provides compact hydraulic pressure for power steering. The LS1 Pro-Track system is clear powdercoated for maintenance-free operation and is available in black powdercoating as well. The LS1 kit includes an aluminum water pump, Powermaster alternator, alternator pulley with fan and nose cover, alternator bracket, A/C bracket, Sanden A/C compressor, power steering brackets, canister-style power steering pump, power steering pulley with nose cover, an OEM-style spring tensioner, crank pulley/balancer hub adapter, idlers, and all needed mounting hardware too! For the full scoop on the new Pro-Trac LS1 assembly, contact March Performance at 888-729-9070 or on the web at

Wild Wheels
Once again the crew at CON2R has turned the steering wheel on its head-or skull if you will. Their newest design is this limited edition "Jolly Roger" wheel that features a detailed white resin skull and crossbones built on a full steel frame with a 2-inch offset, a 15-inch outside diameter ABS grip, and a standard three-bolt mounting pattern. This wheel is available with your choice of eight different grip colors and the skull and crossbones can be customized to your heart's content with paint, patina, or pummeling to achieve the dead-on look you want for your ride. Priced at $259.95 plus shipping, only 101 complete "Jolly Roger" wheels will be produced in this one-time production run. Dig up more information at or call 503-626-6390 for the inside scoop.

Super Swap
Starting in 2005, Mustangs came equipped with the 5R55S transmission (a fully computerized five-speed automatic in a compact one-piece design). This transmission has proven to be a tough little unit. Performance Automatic has stepped it up a notch and made a great tranny even better with some high-performance tricks that make it an even desirable swap. High-performance clutches and bands along with several hydraulic circuit modifications make the 5R55S a blast to drive. Thanks to Performance Automatic's Pro Fit bellhousing system, anyone can bolt in this transmission behind a 5.0 and slide it into their classic pickup! Great for daily driven classic trucks and street rods with limited space, the 5R55S is now available with a stand-alone computer system. Performance Automatic, is a leader in classic Ford truck performance transmissions. For more info, go to

Dynamite Dumps

Sound Suppression inserts reduce sound levels and increase performance and Car Chemistry's unique, patented, and proven sound suppression inserts are now available with a great-looking flanged turndown design. The inserts have been specifically developed to increase flow by actually drawing or pulling exhaust gasses through the exhaust system, in some cases, increasing torque and horsepower, while at the same time decreasing sound decibels and directing the exhaust away from the vehicle. It simply bolts onto your collector flange, allowing for easy installation and removal. The special "bologna-cut" turn down takes up less ground space than conventional turndowns. Use the two-disc unit for drag racing and three-disc unit for street/strip. For more info and a look at the full line of Car Chemistry offering of exhaust system components, check out their website at

Cool Keyless Ignition

The folks at Flaming River Industries released their next-generation Keyless Ignition System technology. This third-generation Keyless Ignition System incorporates a fob docking station for more reliable starting and additional security. It also incorporates a keyless vehicle entry system complete with door lock actuators (made in the USA), an ignition fob docking station, ignition and RKE fob, one master and three remote door lock actuators, RKE lock/unlock-module antenna assembly, push-button ignition relay pack control module, and door actuator mounting hardware too. The third-generation systems are available in three variations-the FR60001 Keyless Dash Ignition System, the FR60002 Touch Start Floor Shift Keyless Ignition Tilt Column, and the FR60102 Touch Start Column Shift Keyless Ignition Tilt Column. To get the full scoop on the company's cool new ignition systems (and their whole product line), contact Flaming River Industries at 866-798-8064 or on the web at

Problem Solver

Kugel Komponents offers a reverse-mount 90-degree hanging-style pedal assembly that may well be the answer to your pedal problems. Kugel has been building these assemblies since 1996. The assemblies are compact and great for applications where you do not want the booster or master cylinder out in your classic truck's engine compartment. It also avoids the trouble of a unit under the floor, removing worries about exhaust and ground clearance issues. It's compatible with power or manual brake systems. A smaller 180-degree nonpower assembly is also offered and both units are available for brake and clutch, or brake-only applications. All master cylinders are available as standard fill or remote fill. The assembly shown features a 7-inch power booster (8 inches also available), Corvette master cylinder, remote conversion lid and optional eye-catching slotted pedal arm. Check out the company website for dimensions and other available options like different styles of pedal pads, remote fill reservoirs, and other brake accessories. Kugel also makes independent front and rear suspension systems. In business since 1969, they have developed many street rod components without having to copy their competition. Contact Kugel Komponents at 562-691-7006 or on the web at

Love This Linkage

Barillaro Speed Emporium is manufacturing the Muscle-Z-Bar high-performance clutch linkage for '67-72 Ford pickups. The Muscle-Z-Bar is a direct bolt-in replacement upgrade kit. It installs with basic handtools and requires no cutting, drilling, or welding. It utilizes all of the stock Ford mounting locations and pivot points, and includes all mounting hardware. The TIG-welded Z-bar has a CNC-machined pivot tube and Teflon-lined spherical bearings for durability and long life. The linkage rods are fully adjustable using spherical rod ends. The kits are proudly made in the USA. For more information or to order, call Barillaro Speed Emporium at 865-531-1840 or go to

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