No-Weld F-100 Rear Axle Lowering Kits!
Need an easy way to lower the rear axle of your '65-79 Ford pickup? This newest design by Fatman Fabrications will drop the truck 5 inches in the back, using the original axle, and with no welding involved. Fatman has designed a special bracket, which allows the axle to be shifted to the top side of the stock rear leaf springs, and a new pair of proper length shocks are bolted to special axle brackets. The framerail does need to have clearance cut for the "C" in the frame reinforcement plate, which bolts in place to finish the job, providing vertical clearance for the repositioned axle. Normal weights can still be carried, and this kit won't weigh down your wallet too much. Check it out with the Fatman tech staff at 704-545-0369 or go to

Street & Strip Top End Engine Kits for Small-Block Chevy
Summit Racing Equipment, the world's largest direct mail and Internet supplier of high-performance automotive parts, now offers complete top end kits for the pre-'86 small-block Chevy.

Available in two versions-355 hp/400 lb-ft of torque and 375 hp/400 lb-ft of torque-Summit Racing Street & Strip top end engine kits feature a pair of fully assembled Summit Racing Street & Strip aluminum cylinder heads (62cc chambers, 170cc intake/69cc exhaust) matched up with a Summit Racing Street & Strip aluminum intake manifold and a Summit Racing hydraulic cam and lifter kit. You also get a Summit Racing timing chain set and cam locking plate, a complete set of Trick Flow gaskets, a Trick Flow pushrod checker, and hardware from Summit Racing and GM Performance.

For more products and pricing information, visit, call toll-free 800-230-3030, or visiting one of Summit Racing's three retail stores in Tallmadge, Ohio; Sparks, Nevada; or McDonough, Georgia.

Crossflow Conversion, Maximum Cooling
U.S. Radiator released its '55-59 Chevy and GMC truck crossflow conversion radiators. U.S. Radiator's new crossflow radiator and bolt-in mounting supports for '55-59 Chevy and GMC trucks offers maximum temperature drop while cleaning up the engine compartment's looks and accessibility.

The mounting kit utilizes the original core support mounting holes for both top and bottom mounts with one simple easy-to-do modification. The crossflow radiators are available in both aluminum and copper/brass construction, allowing longer core tube length and greater temperature drop from inlet to outlet for those hard-to-cool applications. With nothing extending above the top core support bar, front access to the engine compartment is greatly improved for maintenance and overall appearance. For more information on these new radiators, and U.S. Radiator's complete line of high-performance radiators visit

Smeding Performance standing tall in Texas!
You've been reading about the Smeding Performance team's engine builds in a number of magazines over the years, and they've satisfied countless readers and high-profile rod shops alike. After establishing a sterling reputation for precision engine work and assembly in their 19 years in Sacramento, California, Smeding Performance has stepped up to a brand-new 12,000-square-foot facility in Boerne, Texas. With some added employees and much more space for the machine shop, shipping area, engine assembly, and brand-new DTS dyno room, the Smeding Performance known for powerful yet streetable engines from small-block to very big-block is still delivering quality workmanship from quality aftermarket engine components. All engines are run in and tuned on the dyno before shipping, and all but a few very high-performance engines are offered with a three-year warrantee at unlimited mileage. The Smeding team picked up on the Texas brand of hospitality right away, and although founder Ben Smeding hasn't got his y'all right yet, he welcomes customers new and old to visit the new facility when they're near San Antonio. Contact Smeding Performance at 210-338-8585 or on the web at