Quality Converters
By now most of us have heard of B&M's performance 4L60E transmission, rated for 800 hp. Well, one of the world's most prominent aftermarket transmission companies has followed that up with a torque converter design that are the ultimate companions to their impressive trans-the new Holeshot and Traveler series of converters. Built with the same quality and performance as their 4L60Es the new converters are perfect for those who wish to run high-powered engines while still maintaining acceptable fuel mileage. All B&M 4L80E torque converters (four offerings with stall speeds of 2,000, 2,400, 3,000, and 3,500 rpm) are furnace brazed for strength and the 3,500-stall units also include an antiballooning plate, making them suitable for higher horsepower racing applications. For more details, contact B&M Racing & Performance Products at 818-882-6422, or on the web at www.bmracing.com.

Cutting-Edge Batteries
Hot Rod Batteries' new technology is just for classic truckers and street rodders who are looking to store their vehicles for weeks or even long winter months without the need to recharge their batteries before their next use. Hot Rod Batteries do not require a trickle charge and can be stored for extended periods without a charge. During times of storage, all you need to do is just disconnect the negative battery cable, and when it's time to bring it out of storage just reconnect the cable and start it up and go for a ride. Hot Rod Batteries are extremely small versatile batteries. They measure only 7 inches long, 27/8 inches wide, and 61/2 inches tall, and weigh only 13 pounds. These batteries can be mounted virtually in any small space available such as in a glovebox, passenger compartment, under the seat, kick panel, or behind a seat compartment. Also, because these batteries do not have any acid or gel cells, they can be mounted in any position, meaning they will not leak. For the full scoop on these new dry cell wonders, contact Hot Rod Batteries at 386-586-1164, or on the web at www.hotrodbatteries.com.

Plug It In
Wagan is in the business of high-tech automotive accessories and committed to delivering products that support the needs of today's and the future's fast-paced mobile lifestyle with comfort and convenience. Wagan entered the automotive accessory market years ago and has now expanded its line-offering more innovative products for laptops, cellular phones, and travel and mobile accessories that fit right into the performance and classic truck niche. With this in mind, Wagan is offering a complete line of voltage converters that'll allow classic truckers a dependable and affordable way to power A/C devices while on the road or at shows and gatherings. The 2201 Elite (shown here) is a 400W unit with an input voltage of 12V DC and an output of 120V AC at 60 Hz. It has a continuous power output of 400 W and a surge power of 800 W, making it perfect for powering a laptop or recharging phones and digital cameras. For info on the Elite 400 or any of Wagan's more powerful units, give them a call at 510-471-9221 or check them out at www.wagan.com.

Flaming Truck Racks
Flaming River releases the all-new XL Front Steer Power Rack & Pinion designed for wide-framed cars and classic trucks, which eliminates the need for rack extenders and ensures that the dust bellows are never overextended. This is a completely new power rack-and-pinion steering unit (not a remanufactured rack) that's designed and made in the United States, featuring dramatic engineering and appearance improvements. The new rack is based upon the popular front-steer '74-78 Mustang II platform, but is now offered in a design that is 4 inches longer, for a total length of 49 inches with a 28.5-inch pivot-perfect for classic pickups with Mustang II-style front ends. This is the only new power rack with over 6 inches of travel for full turning radius-lock to lock, stop to stop. Each rack is pressure-tested and certified (certificate included). The new classic truck rack is lighter (approximately 12 pounds lighter than OE racks), stronger (thanks to its 1-inch diameter rack shaft), and offers a longer cylinder and overlapping tube design for increased rack stability. To get the lowdown on Flaming River's new XL rack-and-pinion as well as their complete line of steering related products, contact them at 800-648-8022 or on the web at www.flamingriver.com/classictrucks.

An Awesome Upgrade
American Autowire is one of the premier automotive electrical manufacturers of classic trucks, street rods, and muscle and classic cars, and they released one of their latest offerings, the latching relay module assembly. The latching relay module (PN 510170) replaces the standard vehicle dimmer switch and allows you to switch between high and low beams with either a momentary push-button turn signal switch (PN 510169) or a momentary push-button tilt lever switch (PN 510168). In addition to switching between high and low beams, the latching relay module automatically resets your headlights to the low beam position whenever the headlight switch or vehicle is turned off. The latching relay module allows you to flash your high beams in a "flash to pass" situation, when the headlight switch is not in the "on" position. The latching relay module retails for $89, the turn signal lever assembly with momentary push button retails for $44, and the tilt wheel lever assembly with momentary push button retails for $37. For more info, contact American Autowire at 800-482-9473, or check out their complete line of wiring harnesses and accessories at www.americanautowire.com/trk4.

Go Keyless With IDIDIT!
Lose that huge jumble of keys and let your classic pickup go keyless with ididit's affordable new Key to Keyless Ignition System that can be mounted in a new steering column or even a dash. Simply carry the provided key fob in your pocket instead of those pointy sharp conventional keys and upon arrival to the vehicle the Ignition Control Module will automatically verify its owner and pre-authorize the ignition system to start. The kit contains a small, easy to fit and mount control box and two key fobs, which offer dual automatic or manual modes. The system works at a range of up to 10 feet, and with a simple push of a button your classic truck engine will spring to life. As is always the case, ididit products are designed and manufactured right here in the United States. This is one neat item that not only makes things easier but more comfortable for you as well. For more information, visit www.ididitinc.com or call them at 517-424-0577.

Rear Disc Brake Conversion
MBM Brakes, Steering & Suspension has added the DBK9 rear disc brake conversion kit to their product line. The DBK9 provides an easy to install, bolt-on solution for upgrading your 9-inch rearend to disc brake performance. MBM's kit is unique in that it provides all the brackets and flanges that fit the three most popular sizes of the 9-inch rearend (33/8 x 2, 3 1/2 x 2 3/8, and 3 9/19 x 2 inches). This eliminates all guesswork when purchasing and installing the kit. The DBK9 comes in both standard and high-performance models. The high-performance LX kits upgrade to cross-drilled and slotted rotors and stainless steel braided brake lines. Both kits are also available as a full power brake upgrade kit, which includes a power booster and master cylinder in addition to the basic conversion kit. For additional information on the DBK9 rear disc brake conversion kit, contact an MBM representative at 800-231-4125 or visit their website at www.mbmbrakeboosters.com.

What in the world is a Gorillatorch, you ask? Well, it's a powerful 100-lumen emergency flashlight with red LEDs and strobe option for use in any emergency situation. Its ultra-bright white CREE LED and three red LEDs can illuminate any target or send a hands-free emergency signal to oncoming traffic. Users can choose between low, medium, high, and flashing white light or between steady and flashing red lights. The units flexible legs and magnetic feet allow Gorillatorch Flare to be attached to any surface, and its compact, lightweight design allows it to be stowed in a truck, car, or backpack. Three AA batteries provide 20 to 240 hours of operation depending on power setting. The Gorillatorch is a great item to add to your classic truck's tool kit. These neat lights are available on the web at www.joby.com.

Summit Racing Universal Columns
Summit Racing now offers a simple, affordable way to replace that tired old steering column in your classic pickup. Summit's new Universal Steering Columns are 2-inch diameter steel columns, which come equipped with a pre-wired turn signal switch and billet signal lever, prewired hazard switch, and color-coded wiring with a 41/2-inch GM-style harness plug. The columns are available in black and chrome, and do not have an ignition switch for a smooth classic look. They accept 3/4-inch 36-spline steering wheels (without airbags) and include detailed installation instructions. Summit Racing Universal Steering Columns are available in floor shift and tilt/automatic versions. The floor shift columns measure 32 inches long; the tilt/automatic columns measure 33 inches long, and pricing starts at an affordable $259.95. For more product and pricing information, visit www.summitracing.com. You can place orders by calling Summit Racing's toll-free order line at 800-230-3030, or by visiting one of Summit Racing's three retail stores in Tallmadge, Ohio; Sparks, Nevada; or McDonough, Georgia.

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