It's been a month since the last installment on STREET RODDER's Project Shop Truck buildup, but the crew over at Hot Rods By Dean in Phoenix has not been resting and progress on Project Shop Truck is going faster than we can get it into the magazine.

This month we're looking at the installation of sealed beam headlamps and a front bumper. Those parts, like many on this project truck, came from Chevs of the 40's. We've been impressed by the amount of products Chevs of the 40's has for '37-54 Chevrolet trucks and cars. If you're restoring or customizing one of these vehicles, sooner or later you'll probably end up talking to these guys.

In this case, they're not restoring or customizing anything. Everything on Project Shop Truck is brand-new stuff. Their Dynacorn-bodied '47 Chevy pickup is being created entirely from easy-to-find aftermarket parts, just because we all wanted to see if it could be done. So far, so good.

Keep reading to see how easy it is to install headlamps and a front bumper on your own restored, modified, or repro parts project truck.